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About The Haiku Society of America

The Haiku Society of America is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1968 to promote the writing and appreciation of haiku in English. Membership is open to all readers, writers, and students of haiku.

The HSA has been meeting regularly since its inception and sponsors open lectures, workshops, readings, and contests. The HSA has a total of about 800 members around the country and overseas.

The Society's journal, Frogpond, founded in 1978, features work by the HSA members and others, as well as articles and book reviews. The HSA also publishes a Newsletter containing reports of the Society's national meetings and news of regional, national, and international events.

The HSA maintains a Web site with additional information about the Society, archives of winners of the HSA contests, and other haiku activities at <http://www.hsa-haiku.org>.

Details of locations, times, and programs will appear in the HSA Newsletter and Web site, as will announcements and details of HSA regional meetings. Reminders of national meetings, HSA contest deadlines, and occasional other news or announcements will also be sent by e-mail. Inquiries regarding regional meetings can also be addressed to the appropriate regional coordinator.

Download our quick Haiku Society of American Information Sheet (handout for events).

Also available: the HSA Henderson Haiku Award Sampler Sheet (handout for events).


About the HSA

About the Haiku Society of America (HSA)
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The Haiku Society of America is composed of haiku poets, editors, critics, publishers, and enthusiasts dedicated to:

Promoting the creation and appreciation of haiku and related forms, (haibun, haiga, renku, senryu, sequences, and tanka) among its members and the public.

Fostering association, friendship, communication, and mutual support among haiku poets in the United States and around the world.

The Haiku Society of America was founded in 1968 by Harold G. Henderson and Leroy Kanterman. From a group of 21 charter members who attended the first meeting in New York City, the Society has grown to embrace over 800 members from all parts of the United States and the world.

Meetings, readings, workshops, awards programs, and various publications have provided members with stimulation and opportunities to learn about haiku and related art forms and to share their work with a wide variety of people who have an interest in haiku. The Haiku Society of America has played and continues to play a vital role in the unfolding of the refreshingly democratic and lively English-language haiku movement.

Society Meetings

Haiku Society of America meetings are held quarterly at various locations throughout the U. S. The HSA also supports other local, national and international haiku activities.

The locations, times, and programs for the Quarterly Meetings appear in the HSA Newsletter and on the HSA Web site (see the Society Meetings page). Announcements and details of HSA regional meetings appear in the HSA Newsletter and on the HSA Web site (see HSA Regional Announcements). Inquiries regarding regional meetings can also be addressed to the appropriate Regional Coordinator.

Officers and Regional Coordinators

Please see the HSA Officer and Regional Coordinator page.

HSA Regions

Please see our HSA Regions Pages page.


Frogpond, the journal of the Haiku Society of America, has been published since 1978. Appearing three times per year, it contains haiku and related forms of poetry, articles, reviews, contest results, announcements of the Society, and haiku-related news. For details, please see the Frogpond page.

Newsletter & Interactive Member's Media

The HSA Newsletter contains details of quarterly Society meetings, other HSA activities, and regional events as well as general news, haiku contest information and results, announcements from publishers of haiku journals and books, letters, etc. The HSA Newsletter is published quarterly.

Online Newsletter: http://www.hsanewsletter.com

Web Site

Please see the About This Site page.

Annual Contests

The Harold G. Henderson Awards for haiku, Gerald Brady Awards for senryu, The Bernard Lionel Einbond Awards for renku, The Merit Book Awards, and The Nicholas Virgilio Haiku Awards for youth are administered annually by the HSA. Application procedures, deadlines, and submission requirements are published in The HSA Newsletter and posted on the HSA Web Site. Please see Annual Contests Sponsored by the HSA.

An information fact sheet is provided upon request with an accompanying self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Members' Anthology

Please see the HSA Members' Anthology page.

Resources for Teachers

Please see the Education Links for Teachers page.

How to Join

Please see our How to Join page.


The Haiku Society of America is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. An amount donated over and above the regular membership fee is deductible for income tax purposes in the United States. The HSA depends in part on donations to keep membership dues as low as possible. Donations are recorded in the following categories:.

• Friend: Up to $50
• Donor: $50-$100
• Sponsor: $100-$500+

Donate By Postal Service

To send in your donation by postal service, please make checks payable to "The Haiku Society of America" (not "Frogpond" or "HSA"). All postal money orders should be made payable to "The Haiku Society of America, c/o Bill Deegan, Treasurer." Please mail donations to:

HSA Secretary
Dianne Garcia
3213 West Wheeler Street No. 4
Seattle, Washington 98199

Donate Online

You can now use a PayPal account to make a donation to the Haiku Society of America. PayPal is an Internet service that enables any business or individual with an email address to send and receive payments online.

You must have a PayPal account to make an online donation to the HSA. If you do not have a PayPal account, and you would like to have one, please see the PayPal site for details about setting up an account.

Click the Donate button to begin the online donation process. The process is just like any other PayPal transaction.

HSA By-laws

Please see the Haiku Society of America By-laws page.

Contact Us

Please see the Contact Us page.

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