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Christopher Herold and Patricia J. Machmiller
See the judges' commentary.

First Place

Perchance - Maine, USA

Yu Chang
Tom Clausen
Paul MacNeil
John Stevenson
Hilary Tann

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Second Place

Bay Nuts - California, USA

Roger Abe
Linda Papanicolaou
Carol Steele
J. Zimmerman

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The Annual Haiku Society of America Haiku Awards

These awards were originally made possible by Mrs. Harold G. Henderson in memory of Harold G. Henderson, cofounder the Haiku Society of America.

2022 HSA Haiku Awards & Judges Commentary

First Place “harvest festival” by Alison Woolpert

Second Place “nights drawing in” by Sean O’Connor

Third Place (tie) “empty vase” by Lorraine A Padden

Third Place (tie) “autumn pond” by Scott Mason

Honorable Mention “stalks of corn” by Alan S. Bridges

Honorable Mention “September twilight” by Julie Bloss Kelsey

Honorable Mention “where the fox kits” by Scott Mason

2022 Haiku Awards Judges
Kat Lehmann & Matthew Paul

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The Annual Haiku Society of America Senryu Awards

The Gerald Brady Memorial awards were first made possible with a donation by Virginia Brady Young in memory of her brother, Gerald Brady.

2022 HSA Senryu Awards & Judges Commentary
First Place “rocket’s red glare” by Joshua St. Claire

Second Place “kept overnight” by Eric Sundquist

Third Place “what she means” by Aaron Barry

Honorable Mention “carrion feeder” by Jim Chessing

Honorable Mention “we slip” by Chen-ou Liu

Honorable Mention “muscle memory” by Lorraine A Padden

Honorable Mention “tiger bones” by Corine Timmer

Honorable Mention “washing dishes” by David Watts

2022 Senryu Awards Judges 
Lithica Ann & Joshua Gage

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The Annual Haiku Society of America Haibun Awards

2022 HSA Haibun Awards & Judges Commentary
First Place “Tree of Fortunes” by J Hahn Doleman

Second Place “Mood Swing” by J Hahn Doleman

Third Place “Pippin” by Evan Vandermeer

Honorable Mention “A Church Organ Through Banana Leaves:
Island Poem” by Matthew Caretti

2022 Haibun Awards Judges
Jennifer Hambrick & Rich Youmans

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Haiku Society of America 2022
National Virtual Conference

the conference was Saturday, June 4 & Sunday, June 5, 2022

Most of the presentations at the 2022 HSA Virtual National Conference are now available on YouTube. Here are the links to each:

HSA Virtual Conference 2022

Please see all of the Haiku Society of America videos on YouTube:


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Here are two sample video presentations:

Agnes Eva Savich - Mining Your Past: Haiku from Childhood, Homeland, and Previous Writings

Childhood, cultural roots, early writings can all feed our modern haiku practice, when we delve into our own archives: old photographs, family history, and journals. Through the lens of my own childhood in Poland, cultural family traditions, and some early writings, I will show how one's own history and unique cultural memories act as source material for your current writing. Examples from other writers will support these concepts, as well as writing exercises in which you consider your own archives in these three areas for inspiration.

~ ~ ~

13 Years of HAIKU CHRONICLES by Alan Pizzarelli and Donna Beaver

The hosts discuss the pioneering of the first haiku podcast and its global impact. This presentation includes excerpts from its most popular audio and video episodes, along with backstories of their creation and new episodes to come. This will be a formal 40 min. presentation with 10 min. Q&A.

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Haiku Society of America
Mentorship Program Anthology


The Haiku Society of America is pleased to announce the publication of The Unexpected Weight: The Haiku Society of America Mentorship Program Anthology 2021, edited by Jay Friedenberg. Design and layout by Ignatius Fay.

We are pleased to offer this anthology as a free download of the PDF edition - Unexpected Weight.

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Support HSA with a Donation

The Haiku Society of America is a not-for-profit organization that is dependent on membership dues and much appreciated donations.

Friend: Up to $49
Donor: $50-$99
Sponsor: $100 or more

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The Haiku Society of America is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1968 to promote the writing and appreciation of haiku in English. The HSA has been meeting regularly since its inception and sponsors meetings, readings, publications and contests. The HSA has over 1000 members around the country and overseas. Membership is open to all readers, writers, and students of haiku. Join today.

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The Haiku Society of America Merit Book Awards

The purpose of the Haiku Society of America's Merit Book Awards is to recognize the best haiku and related books published in a given year. Every year sees a fresh crop of fine individual collections, anthologies, translations, critical studies and innovative forms. In the past, the HSA Merit Book awards were partially supported by a memorial gift. Leroy Kanterman, cofounder of the Haiku Society of America, made a gift to support the first place award in memory of his wife Mildred Kanterman. See the archives of Merit Book Awards.


HSA Merit Book Awards: submit books by February 15, 2023.

Books published with a 2022 copyright date should be submitted by February 15, 2023. Please do not send any entries before January 01, 2023. Send two copies.

See categories and guidelines at: hsa-contests.htm

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Dear Haiku Society of America Members:

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ignatius Fay. For those of you who didn't know him, he was a long-standing member of the organization's Executive Committee where he served as the Newsletter Editor. He also contributed to the creation of our journal, Frogpond, the annual Membership Anthology and was a tutor in the Mentorship Program. Beyond this he was active in the wider haiku community in Canada and the United States for many years. He will be sorely missed.
                           ~ Jay Friedenberg, HSA President

Ignatius Fay photo

Dr. Ignatius Fay
March 30, 1950 - November 5, 2022 

Ignatius Fay (born Ignatius Charles Peter Fay, March 30, 1950, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada), Canadian invertebrate paleontologist, graphic designer, poet, author, editor and publisher. He was the author of a two-volume anecdotal autobiography; co-author of three poetry collections, a coffee table art book of Canadian scenery, and a thriller novel centered on a conflict between vampires and Native Haida mythology.

His first published poem appeared in 2008, the same year he published a book of haiku/senryu, Haiga Moments: pens and lens, with photographs by Ray Belcourt. In 2011, he published Points In Between, an anecdotal history of his early years. His latest collection of poems, Breccia, is a collaboration with fellow haiku poet, Irene Golas, published in October 2012 by Lulu.com. In 2020, he published his first novel, Blood Cove, co-authored by Raymond J. Belcourt.

He served for eight years as the editor of the email newsletter for the Haiku Society of America as well as the layout artist for a number of HSA publications, including Frogpond. He is the founding editor of Tandem: The Rengay Journal and served as Ontario regional coordinator for Haiku Canada. He was disabled with severe cardiopulmonary diseases and lived in Sudbury, Ontario.

Ignatius will be dearly missed by friends, family and the haiku community. Photo by Kathryn Fay, 2019.

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See the web site sampler of
Frogpond 45.3, Autumn 2022

Frogpond cover 45-3

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HSA Renku Award Contest is OPEN!

The Haiku Society of America sponsors
this annual award for renku.

HSA Renku Award Contest:
Opens September 1, 2022
and closes October 31, 2022.


Awards: First Prize, $200;
Second Prize, $150; Third Prize, $100.
All rights revert to authors on publication.

See our submission Instructions

HSA Renku Entry Guidelines


HSA Renku Award Contest: Any recognized form of renku may be submitted (to be specified with your submission).

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HSA 2022 Rengay Awards

The Haiku Society of America is pleased to announce the 2022 Rengay Awards in honor of Garry Gay.

1st Place:

An Extra Leaf
by Bryan Rickert & Terri L. French

2nd Place:

by Billie Dee & Neena Singh

3rd Place:

In the Expanse
by Kristen Lang & Lorraine Haig

see the
See the 2022 Award-winning Rengay

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Haiku Society of America 2022
Merit Book Awards

The Haiku Society of America is pleased to announce the 2022 Merit Book Awards.


First Place: John Stevenson, My Red: Selected Haiku of John Stevenson, Brooks Books, 2021.

Second Place: Edward Cody Huddleston, Wildflowers in a Vase, Red Moon Press, 2021.

Third Place: Tia Haynes and Jonathan Roman, After Amen: A Memoir in Two Voices, Published by the authors, 2021.

Honorable Mentions:

Rebecca Lilly, Aporia, Red Moon Press, 2021.

John Martone, A Landscape in Pieces, Tufo, 2021.

Bill Pauly, Walking Uneven Ground: Selected Haiku of Bill Pauly, Brooks Books, 2021.

Michele Root-Bernstein, Wind Rose, Snapshot Press, 2021.

see the
Complete List of 2022 Merit Book Awards

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