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Applying for HSA Membership Online

Please use a PayPal account to pay for membership in the Haiku Society of America. PayPal is an Internet service that enables any business or individual with an email address to send and receive payments online.

Click the appropriate Subscribe button below to begin the PayPal payment process.

Whether paying by online Paypal OR snail mail, NEW MEMBERS need to please download and fill in a membership information on a copy of the Membership Application and send it by snail mail or email attachment to the HSA secretary.

Membership for USA residents:

$35.00 USD

Seniors or Student Membership for USA residents:

HSA membership for students or for seniors who are at least 65. This special membership is available only for residents of the USA:

$30.00 USD

Membership for Canada or Mexico residents:

$37.00 USD

Membership for residents of all other countries:

$47.00 USD

PLEASE NOTE: Due to complications with international postal services and extreme costs, print copy memberships may no longer be available to several countries. Currently we cannot ship any print publications to New Zealand nor Australia. We are still checking on other countries, so to be safe, we recommend that overseas international members join with the PDF HSA MEMBERSHIP option below:

PDF Membership for residents outside North America:

$34.00 USD

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