Haiku Society of America Senryu Awards for 2021

Haiku Society of America Senryu Award
in Memorial of Gerald Brady


Judges: David Grayson & J. Zimmerman
See 2021 judges' comments.

First Place

over world events

Amy Losak, New Jersey, USA


Second Place

rainbow flag
there is no color
for who I am

Alvin B. Cruz, National Capitol Region, Philippines


Third Prize

home movie
my parents mute
the sex scene

Spyros Mylonas, Tennessee, USA


Honorable Mention

another fight—
the roses from last time
still blooming

Greg Schwartz, Maryland, USA


Honorable Mention

conspiracy theories why you won’t return my calls

kjmunro, Yukon Territory, Canada


Honorable Mention

crushed by guilt

Amelia Cotter, Illinois, USA


Honorable Mention

election night seabirds switch to the other landfill

Matthew Markworth, Ohio, USA


Honorable Mention

estate sale
a bargain
on bedpans

Spyros Mylonas, Tennessee, USA


Honorable Mention

falling leaves
the unexpected weight
of her ashes

Helen Ogden, California, USA


Honorable Mention

travel ban
I stroke her hair
with my cursor

Alan S. Bridges, Massachusetts, USA


Honorable Mention

world hunger
the emptiness
of emojis

June Rose Dowis, Louisiana, USA





These awards for unpublished haiku were originally made possible by Mrs. Harold G. Henderson in memory of Harold G. Henderson, who helped found The Haiku Society of America.

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