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Northeast New England


HSA Regions

Northeast Region

This region includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Regional Links

Boston Haiku Society

Bottle Rockets

Kaji Aso Studio

Haiku Poet.com

Winfred Press

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Regional Coordinator

Wanda Cook
PO Box 314
Hadley, MA 01035


Wanda Cook has been a member of HSA since 1991 and started writing haiku in 1995. She has been an organizer for an HSA quarterly meeting, coordinator of the Winfred Press tanka calendar contests and serves as one of the organizers of the annual Haiku Circle event in Northfield, Massachusetts. She coedited Flower of Another Country, the 2007 HSA members’ anthology, and Nami, the tenth anniversary anthology for the Haiku Poets Society of Western Massachusetts. Wanda has served as the coordinator of HPSWM since 2001. As an award-winning poet, her work has appeared in most of the haiku journals as well as in juried anthologies.

final bulb
the warmth of garden soil
just after sunset

a hushed rustling
of winter seagrass—
the secret she tells him

playing till the bite
of snow-crusted wrists

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