Haiku Society of America Merit Book Awards for 1990

Haiku Society of America

Merit Book Awards for 1990

for books published in 1989

Virginia Brady Young and R.W. Grandinetti Rader

This year Mrs. Frances Levenson has made a special donation (in addition to her long-time annual donation) to fund the 1st prize award in our Merit Contest. She has noted that this is not a memorial, but rather, her way of remembering a very happy event occurring in September. Over the years Mrs. Levenson has been more than generous in supporting the HSA. As a way of expressing our gratitude, we have named this year’s 1st place award in her honor. Please note that this is for 1990 only.


First Place (The 1990 Frances Levenson Award)

Geraldine Clinton Little. Star-mapped: Selected haiku, collected haiku sequences, one solo renga, one tanka sequence. Silver Apples Press, 1989.

Second Place

Werner Reichhold. Handshake: Far East Form, Far West Thinking, An Exchange of Spirits. Gualala, CA: AHA Books, 1989.

Third Place

Kazuo Sato. And The Cat, Too. Gualala, CA: AHA Books, 1989. Translated by Jack Stamm.

Honorable Mention

Andre Duhaime and LeRoy Gorman. Parallel Journey/Voyage Parallele. Hull, Quebec: Editions Asticou, 1989.

Honorable Mention - Interview

Anita Virgil and Vincent Tripi. On My Mind: An Interview. Edited by Michael Dylan Welch. Foster City, CA: Press Here, 1989.

Honorable Mention - Renga

Anne McKay and other poets. A Woman of Passage. Glen Burnie, MD: Wind Chimes Press, 1989.

Honorable Mention - Anthology

Ricketts, Beard, Drummond, and Tanabe, Editors. Winter’s Blossoms. The New Zealand Poetry Society, Inc.: Nagare Press, 1989.




The purpose of the Haiku Society of America's Merit Book Awards is to recognize the best haiku and related books published in a given year in the English language. Every year sees a fresh crop of fine individual collections, anthologies, translations, critical studies and innovative forms.

In the past, the HSA Merit Book awards were partially supported by a memorial gift. Leroy Kanterman, cofounder of the Haiku Society of America, made a gift to support the first place award in memory of his wife Mildred Kanterman. See the archives of Merit Book Awards.

The Merit Book Awards competition is open to the public. Books must have been published in the previous year and must clearly contain a printed previous year copyright. A member, author, or publisher may submit or nominate more than one title. At least 50 percent of the book must be haiku, senryu, or haibun, or prose about these subjects (books mostly of tanka, for example, are not eligible). HSA will also consider collections that have only appeared in an e-book/digital book format. Two print copies of the digital book may be sent by the publisher. Books published by HSA officers are eligible for this award. Books published by the national HSA organization, however, are not eligible.

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