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The Haiku Society of America has published several books, including annual members anthologies and a history of the society, The Haiku Path.

This is a complete listing of all book publications from HSA, listed with complete ISBN information.


Haiku Society of America ISBNs

The HSA’s annual membership anthologies were instituted in 1993 by Michael Dylan Welch, who did the layout and wrote the introduction for the first anthology. Since then he has been an advisor to most subsequent editors through personal communication and through the HSA Publications Guide:

From 2002, the HSA uses the “ISBN-13” for each of its member anthologies or other book publications. The ISBN should appear on the copyright page and on the book’s back cover. Do not use the ISBN-10 (those are from their older system). The EAN code is used if a barcode is added to the back cover, but HSA books have generally not had barcodes (it is fine for HSA publications to include one, however). The HSA’s ISBNs have traditionally been administered by the HSA’s first vice president, who is considered the “owner” of this list, to make sure record keeping is kept straight by just one person. Since 2014, the HSA’s first president must obtain the ISBN number from Bowker, the USA ISBN allocator. The user name and password used at Bowker.com is to be passed from first VP to the next.

A note about naming conventions: Every annual HSA membership anthology should have a title and subtitle in the following form, where XXXXX is a creative title chosen by the editor(s), and what follows the colon is a subtitle (which may or may not appear on the cover, but must appear on the title page): XXXXX: 20XX Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology.

—Michael Dylan Welch

The following are all HSA publications using the society’s original ISBN (9631467 was the HSA’s original “publisher code”). The first book, The Haiku Path, chronicled the history of the society’s first twenty years. All subsequent books are annual members’ anthologies.

• • •

ISBN-10 ISBN-13 EAN Year Title Editors
0-9631467-0-X ~ ~ 1994 A Haiku Path [committee of sixteen editors]
0-9631467-1-8 ~ ~ 1993 When Butterflies Come Marlina Rinzen and Jerry Kilbride,
introduced by Michael Dylan Welch
0-9631467-2-6 ~ ~ 1994 Dreams Wander Nina A. Wicker, Peggy Willis Lyles,
and Kenneth C. Leibman
0-9631467-3-4 ~ ~ 1995 One Breath Jean Dubois, Michael McNeirney,
and Elizabeth L. Nichols
0-9631467-4-2 ~ ~ 1996
(© 1997)
A Solitary Leaf Randy M. Brooks and Lee Gurga
0-9631467-5-0 ~ ~ 1997 From a Kind Neighbor John Stevenson
0-9631467-6-9 ~ ~ 1998 Light and Shadow Garry Gay
0-9631467-7-7 ~ ~ 1999 Intersections A. C. Missias
0-9631467-9-3 ~ ~ 2000 Crinkled Sunshine D. Claire Gallagher
0-9631467-8-5 ~ ~ 2001 Voices and Echoes Carlos Colón

The following are all Haiku Society of America publications using the society’s new ISBN, using the required ISBN-13 format (1-930172 is the HSA’s current “publisher code”). NEW ISBNs assigned by Bowker to the anthologies on November 25, 2014.

ISBN-10 ISBN-13 EAN Year Title Editors
~ 978-1-930172-00-5 9780930172005 2002
(© 2003)
Bits of Itself Jerry Ball, Naia, and Wendy Wright
~ 978-1-930172-01-2 9780930172012 2003 Haiku Society of America
Members’ Anthology 2003
David G. Lanoue
~ 978-1-930172-02-9 9780930172029 2004 Walking the Same Path Connie Post
~ 978-1-930172-03-6 9780930172036 2005 Loose Change Pamela Miller Ness and Tom Painting;
Stanford Forrester, contributing editor
~ 978-1-930172-04-3 9780930172043 2006 Fish in Love Roberta Beary and Ellen Compton
~ 978-1-930172-05-0 9780930172050 2007 Flower of Another Country Wanda D. Cook and Linda Porter
~ 978-1-930172-06-7 9780930172067 2008 Dandelion Clocks Roberta Beary and Ellen Compton
~ 978-1-930172-07-4 9780930172074 2009 A Travel-worn Satchel Joseph Kirschner, Lidia Rozmus,
and Charles Trumbull
~ 978-1-930172-08-1 9780930172081 2010 Sharing the Sun Scott Mason
~ 978-1-930172-09-8 9780930172098 2011 In Pine Shade an’ya and peterB.
~ NOT Entered NOT Entered 2012 Tentative title: Sensation Billie Dee
Publication canceled, Oct 2013
~ 978-1-930172-10-4 9780930172104 2013 This World Carolyn Dancy
~ 978-1-930172-12-8 9780930172128 2014 Take-out Window Gary Hotham
~ 978-1-930172-13-5 9781930172135 2015 A Splash of Water Catherine J. S. Lee
~ 978-1-930172-15-9 9781930172159 2016 Full of Moonlight David Grayson
~ 978-1-930172-17-3 9781930172176 2017 On Down the Road LeRoy Gorman
~ 978-0-930172-17-6 9780930172176 2018 402 Snails Nicholas M. Sola

• • •


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