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swirling dust
on the mesa's top
a fish fossil

David Oates

that place inside me punctuated by crows

Renée Owen


behind the megastore
the river
trickles through a shopping cart

Peter Yovu

late night swim
slipping into
the stars

Barbara Feeher


winter rain
dad's rock collection
under my downspout

Shirley Marc

parent's gravestone—
morning light bends
my knee

Robert Epstein


not in a hurry
to be anywhere
cottonwood seed

Ben Gaa

milkweed silk parsed into syllables of light

Francine Barnwarth


church garden
a wicker chair sags
into dusk

Antoinette Cheung

butterfly exhibit
the docent says
be a flower

Lee Hudspeth



negative space . . .
my shadow
instead of you

Angela Terry

first snow
the placebo
works for me

John Stevenson