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fir limbs
suddenly fluent
in finch

Diane Tomczak

in the eye of the fawn's first person pronoun

Michele Root-Bernstein


further than
the trail goes

Bryan Rickert

sculpture garden
a pigeon's Pollock
on The Thinker

Gordon Gearhart


end of the road
a path into
fields of lavender

Mary McCormack

the baby's nap . . .
I catch my breath
on a falling leaf

Lisa Gerlits


returning my brother
to Dad's garden . . .
dust devils

Lew Watts

bedside vigil
we say everything
except goodbye

Kathryn Bold


earthquake cleanup
all the cobwebs
still intact

Annette Makino

endless questions
about my illness

Rowan Beckett



ghosting each other
         a tree
    and its leaves

Fay Aoyagi

morning mist . . .
the ferry swarmed
by begging gulls

Frank Higgins