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hardwood pew
grandma slips me
another lifesaver

Mark Dailey

embellishing again the skipped stone of his throat

Tanya McDonald


above my door
the wasp enters
the hexagon

Jeffrey Ferrara

small town pool hall
racking them up again
the army recruiter

Frank Higgins


saying more
than I should
hard lemonade

Tia Haynes

in the shade
of the grape arbor . . .
my heart murmur

Jim Chessing


campfire sparks
slip away

Kelly Sargent

after the funeral the hor d'oeuvres

Madhuri Pillai


spilling over the stone wall
a come-bak-here hug

Chuck Brickley

seagull prints
the party held
without me

Kat Lehmann



used book store
listening to another
dead rock star

Robert Epstein

she deadheads
the favorite rose
moving day

Dan Schwerin



pulling weeds
one more pass
at the poem

Dan Curtis