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HSA Member News & Announcements

As a service to the Haiku Society of America members, we are glad to post announcement and news related to haiku publications and haiku-related events. You must be a member of HSA to submit items, and limit your announcement to no more than 100 words. These announcements and publications are not endorsed by the HSA.

You may also see the archive of HSA Bulletins online.

See the archives: 2014 News | 2013 News | 2012 News | 2011 News | 2010 News | 2009 News

Please submit your announcements by email to the Electronic Media Officer, Randy Brooks at <rbrooks@millikin.edu>.


2015 Member News & Announcements

Miriam Borne <dancemiriam@icloud.com> • November 29, 2015

Saturday,December 5th, 2015
2:30pm to 5:30 pm

Westbeth Community Room
155 Bank Street
New York, NY


Prologue and haiku by Doris Heitmeyer, based on her experiences of World War II on the home front. Spoken, Choreographed and Danced by Miriam Borne with music and sounds of the 1940's.

Allan Burns <ALLANDBURNS@msn.com> • November 9, 2015

Muttering Thunder volume 2

The second Muttering Thunder annual has just been published. It’s a collection of haiku and art available for free online viewing and download. This second annual features another gathering of nature-focused haiku by premier English-language haiku poets from around the world, along with a reprint of a classic essay by Ruth Yarrow, “Environmental Haiku,” with a new afterword by the author and a wide-ranging conversation with poet, scientist, editor, and illustrator Cherie Hunter Day (“Living Closely with Nature”).


The annual is dedicated to the memory of Steve Sanfield and includes spectacular color photography by Ron as well as a preface by Allan about his recent trip to Hawaii, focused on environmental themes.

Allan Burns & Ron C. Moss

Bruce Ross <dr_bruce_ross@hotmail.com> • November 4, 2015

Bangor Haiku Group 2015 Annual Autumn Moon Haiku Contest Results

There were over 130 entries from seeveral countries including Australia, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Northern Mariana Islands, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, UK, USA. The winners were:

1st Place:

in cupped hands
the harvest moon rests
for a moment

Debbie Strange, Canada

2nd Place:

full moon
cat's ears following
the falling leaves

Zoran Doderovic, Serbia

3rd Place:

next year's garlic
planted in the dark earth
crescent moon

Holli Rainwater, USA

Julie Warther <wartherjulie@gmail.com> • November 3, 2015

Bart Sutter reads from his new haiku book Chester Creek Ravine; his brother Ross will play music and sing with Bart. Join us for the fun, merriment, and great poetry and music! 

7:00 p.m. Wednesday November 11 at SubText Books.

SubText Books 
6 W. 5th St. downtown Saint Paul, MN  

The early Japanese haiku masters were indefatigable walkers. Basho traveled 1,500 miles to produce a single slim volume, The Narrow Road to the Deep North. In a rootless 21st century society obsessed with mobility and speed, Bart Sutter decided to combine Basho's practice with Thoreau's sage advice to ''stay home.'' In writing Chester Creek Ravine, he says, ''I walked at least a thousand miles, but I did it by covering the same 2-1/2 mile loop through Chester Creek Ravine repeatedly, catching it right down the block.'' Occasionally during those neighborhood walks Sutter had fleeting moments when the inner and the outer worlds came together in a flash of intimate imagery.

The 150 haiku contained in this book--tiny poems with large implications--conjure those revelatory moments alongside Chester Creek, a stream that drops dramatically through the city of Duluth on its final run to Lake Superior. Sutter honors the haiku tradition by sticking close to the classical form, alluding to the seasons, and choosing subjects from the natural world, but his haiku are fully contemporary and include surprises, too--a pregnant girl with her black lab, beer cans, bagpipes, plastic sacks--while his subtle use of rhyme helps rivet these impressions in the reader's mind.

Bart Sutter has received the Minnesota Book Award for poetry with The Book of Names: New and Selected Poems, for fiction with My Father's War and Other Stories, and for creative non-fiction with Cold Comfort: Life at the Top of the Map. Among other honors, he has won a Bush Foundation Individual Artist Fellowship, a Jerome Foundation Travel & Study Grant (Sweden), and the Bassine Citation from the Academy of American Poets. In 2006, he was named the first Poet Laureate of Duluth. He has written for public radio, he has had three verse plays produced, and he often performs as half of The Sutter Brothers, a poetry-and-music duo. In Chester Creek Ravine, Sutter turns to haiku, the form that first attracted him to poetry when he was in his teens. Bart Sutter lives in Duluth, near Chester Creek Ravine, with his wife, Dorothea Diver.

Ross Sutter is best known as a singer of Scandinavian, Scottish, and Irish songs, and for his wide repertoire of American traditional and popular songs. He is at home in any situation from concert hall to library or school, from outdoor festival to senior center, both as a solo performer or with additional musicians or dancers.

As a 100% Swedish-American, Ross is inspired by his Scandinavian heritage, performing songs learned from his grandmother and from his own travels and study. His "adopted" cultures of Scotland and Ireland have also provided a rich resource of music and song.

Ross accompanies himself on guitar, dulcimer, button accordion and bodhran, the Irish goat-skin drum. Ross's work is featured on the recordings Walking on Air, Up the Raw, Crossing the Shannon, Hunger No More, Songs By Heart, Over the Water, Ye Banks and Braes, and on his highly popular children's recording, Mama Will You Buy Me a Banana?

Bruce Ross <dr_bruce_ross@hotmail.com> • September 29, 2015

Bangor Haiku Group 4th Annual Moon Viewing contest

The Bangor Haiku Group is sponsoring its fourth annual international Autumn Moon Viewing Contest, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners receiving a money prize and/or a haiku book. You need to send only one autumn moon haiku by email to Bruce Ross, dr_bruce_ross@hotmail.com. Deadline: October 31st, 2015.

Julie Warther <wartherjulie@gmail.com> • September 24, 2015

The Forest Haiku Walk is officially opened! There will be a full report in the upcoming issue of Ripples. Here is a link to some of the photos that were taken at the opening. And this is a link to an article on the Inn's website about the opening:


Thanks to everyone for your participation and support of this project! And, of course, next time you get to Ohio, put this on your itinerary!

Pamela O Brown <info@pamelaobrown.com> • September 3, 2015

Member Book Announcement

Love Letters to Ani: a haiku chapbook by Pamela Olivia Brown was released today. Pamela spent a year writing haiku that reflected on the essence and oddities of the different seasons in upstate New York. Love Letters to Ani is a chronicle of love dedicated to the Igbo earth goddess Ani for the changing seasons and wonders of floral and fauna, expressed in haiku. Available through Smashwords at <https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/574542>.

Lee Gurga <gurga@coxwireless.com> • August 21, 2015

An Invitation to Haiku

Sunday November 1st, 2015
Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Starved Rock Lodge & Conference Center
Routes 178 & 71
Utica, IL 61373

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a kind of poetry that could be written anywhere, anytime, by anyone? A kind of poetry that children could enjoy yet even accomplished poets needed years to master? A poetry with the single aim of making us aware of life’s simple gifts and everyday joys? There is: Haiku is that kind of poetry. Join Lee Gurga, a haiku poet of international renown and author of the award-winning Haiku: A Poet’s Guide for haiku-writing experience. The event begins with a Haiku lecture then a low impact haiku walk. After lunch (included) the group will have a writing/revision/critiquing and sharing session. You will need to bring a notebook, pen or pencil and dress appropriately for the weather. For more information, call (815) 220-7386 or click here to sign up

Susan Auld <sbauld@sbcglobal.net> • August 11, 2015

HSA member Susan Auld meets with a small group of haiku poets in Arlington Heights each month and she invites others to join in the group gatherings. The haiku circle meets in Arlington Heights, Illinois monthly  for critique and resource sharing. Contact Susan B. Auld at <suauld@yahoo.com> for more information.  The next get-together is scheduled for September 20, 2015.

Bruce Ross <dr_bruce_ross@hotmail.com> • June 16, 2015

A book launch for “A VAST SKY, An Anthology of Contemporary World Haiku,” edited by Bruce Ross, Koko Kato, Dietmar Tauchner and Patricia Prime (2015) is being sponsored by the Bangor Haiku Group and will be held at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, ME, Sunday, August 16, 2015, 2-4 PM.
Featured readers are Catherine Lee and Bruce Ross. Haiku poets in the book are invited to read 10 of their haiku and haiku poets otherwise are invited to share 1-2 haiku.

There will be copies of the anthology available for purchase. Those attending will receive free admission to the extensive gardens surrounding our event in the Garden’s gazebo. Attendees might be interested in viewing the gardens that day and children may enjoy the large collection of fairy houses. Those who wish can meet after the event for dinner at a local restaurant. The gardens are about 3 hours from Boston and 1 hour from Portland, ME. For those Canadians familiar with Old Orchard Beach, it is not too far from there. Contact Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens for specific directions at (207)-633-4333 and Bruce Ross at <dr_bruce_ross@hotmail.com> for any other concerns and to confirm your attendance.

Mike Montreuil <mikemontreuil@sympatico.ca> • June 1, 2015

Mildred Kanterman Merit Book Awards for 2015
(for books published in 2014)

The Haiku Society of America is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Kanterman Book Awards for books published in 2014, judged by Charles Trumbull and Neal Whitman and coordinated by HSA First Vice President Michael Montreuil. First Place Award is made possible by LeRoy Kanterman, cofounder of the Haiku Society of America, in memory of his wife Mildred Kanterman.

First place (tie)

Marjorie Buettner. Some Measure of Existence: Collected Haibun. Red Dragonfly Press, 2014. 77 pages. ISBN 978-1-937693-52-7. Price: $15.00 from the publisher at <htttp://www.reddragonflypress.org>.

Harriot West. Into the Light. Mountains and Rivers Press, 2014. 45 pages. ISBN 978-0-989602-12-9. Price: $15.00 from the publisher.

Second place (tie)

Garry Gay, ed. One Song. Santa Rosa, Calif.: Two Autumns Press, 2014. 71 pages. ISBN 978-1-634436-16-8. Price: $10.00 from the Haiku Poets of Northern California.

Haiku Northwest. No Longer Strangers: Haiku Northwest 25th Anniversary Anthology. Bellevue, Wash.: Vandina Press for Haiku Northwest, 2014. 152 pages. ISBN 978-1-887381-27-7. No price given.

Honorable mentions (unranked)

Ion Codrescu. Something Out of Nothing: Seventy-five Haiga. Winchester, Va.: Red Moon Press, 2014. 160 pages. ISBN 978-1-936848-35-5. Price: $30.00 from the publisher at <http://www.redmoon.com>.

Lee Gurga and Scott Metz, eds. Haiku 2014. Lincoln, Ill.: Modern Haiku Press, 2014.. ISBN 0-974189-46-4. Price: $8.00 from the publisher.

Ron C. Moss. The Bone Carver. Ormskirk, U.K.: Snapshot Press, 2014. 112 pages. ISBN 978-1-903543-32-0. Price: £9.99 from the publisher at <http://www.snapshotpress.co.uk>.

Edward J. Rielly. Spring Rain Winter Snow: Haiku. Brunswick, Maine: Shanti Arts Publishing, 2014. ISBN 978-1-941830-94-9. Price: $19.99 from the publisher.

John Stevenson. d(ark): Haiku. Winchester, Va.: Red Moon Press, 2014. 74 pages. ISBN 978-1-946848-27-0. Price: $12.00 from the publisher at <http://www.redmoon.com>.

George Swede. Micro Haiku: Three to Nine Syllables. Toronto: Inspress, 2014. 108 pages. ISBN 978-0-988117-90-7. Price: $15.00 from the publisher.

More details and judges comments will be included in the next Winter issue of Frogpond.

Rick Black <rick@turtlelightpress.com> • May 22, 2015

4th TLP Haiku Contest Winner, The Deep End of the Sky

ARLINGTON, VA – Turtle Light Press is glad to release the winner of its fourth haiku chapbook competition, The Deep End of the Sky, by Chad Lee Robinson of Pierre, South Dakota. This collection of 47 haiku takes us on a journey through the vast expanses of the American prairie, where you will see, hear and feel the farm landscape and its connection to the cosmos.  

Think of Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings of the plains or Frederic Remington’s bronze sculptures—that’s the feeling of the North American prairies that you’ll get from this collection. Robinson has managed to telescope this vast landscape in haiku, a Japanese form of poetry about nature that captures significant moments. Born in Pierre, South Dakota, Robinson grew up along the banks of the Missouri River. It was in 2002, his final year at South Dakota State University, that he was introduced to haiku. The attraction was immediate, and Robinson has since devoted all of his creative energy to haiku and other Japanese short forms. Much of his work is about small towns and the Great Plains. Books can be purchased from the publisher’s on-line store <http://www.turtlelightpress.com/products/deep-end-sky> or from amazon.com. Readings are being arranged in South Dakota as well as select venues across the Midwest.

Randy Brooks <brooksbooks@gmail.com> • May 1, 2015

The editorial board of Juxtapositions, a new peer-reviewed journal of haiku research and scholarship, sponsored by The Haiku Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of the inaugural issue. This first issue is now available online at <http://www.thehaikufoundation.org/juxta/juxta-1-1/>. We encourage you to inform HSA members and scholars interested in haiku. We welcome feedback and future submissions.

Editors include Stephen Addiss (University of Richmond), Randy Brooks (Millikin University), Bill Cooper (University of Richmond), Aubrie Cox (Millikin University), and Senior Editor Peter McDonald (California State University, Fresno). The inaugural issue is available without charge from The Haiku Foundation. JUXTA will be indexed in the appropriate citation databases, and platform-independent.

Please contact senior editor: Peter McDonald, Dean of Library Services, California State University, Fresno 5200 North Barton, Fresno CA 93740, with any inquiries. Phone 559-278-2403 or email <pmcdonald@csufresno.edu>.

Editor Aubrie Cox has prepared a Facebook and Twitter account for Juxta:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/JuxtaHaiku
Twitter: http://twitter.com/JuxtaHaiku

<http://hpgs.weebly.com/> • April 14, 2015

The Haiku Poets of the Garden State
will hold a reading on:

Sunday, April 26, 2014
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Summit Public Library
75 Maple Street
Summit, NJ 07901

• This event is free and open to the public.
• The program will include a short overview of Japanese poetic forms.
• Light refreshments will be served

Bruce Ross <dr_bruce_ross@hotmail.com> • April 13, 2015

A VAST SKY, An Anthology of Contemporary World Haiku, edited by Bruce Ross, Koko Kato, Dietmar Tauchner and Patricia Prime, has just been published by Tancho Press. It is the most thorough introduction to contemporary world haiku through the haiku of many countries, in four major sections: Japan, Europe, The New World (North, Central, South America and the Caribbean), and The Rest of the World (with a large Australian and New Zealand section). According to Robert D. Wilson, editor of Simply Haiku, "A Vast Sky is a must read, filled with gems that glisten. Refreshingly original and memorable."

Price: US 15.95 +postage. Inquire with Bruce Ross at dr_bruce_ross@hotmail.com.

Joanne Reinbold <j.m.reinbold.author@gmail.com> • April 12, 2015

The Red Dragonfly Haiku Poets Reading
Original Traditional and Contemporary Haiku Poetry

Sunday, May 3, 2015 | 4:30 p.m.

Hockessin Bookshelf,
7175 Lancaster Pike,
Hockessin, DE 19707

The next meeting of the Chicago Haiku Study Group will take place on Saturday, April 18th from 2-4pm at

D&Z Bookstore
5507 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641

We will briefly review the principles of Japanese aesthetics we have been discussing and continue our analysis of interesting contemporary haiku. Following this the group will critique individual haiku. If you would like your haiku critiqued, please bring 10 copies of up to 6 unpublished haiku. We will also discuss possible future programs. For further information, or to be removed from this email list, please contact Lee Gurga at gurgalee@gmail.com

There is free parking available about a block from the D&Z Bookstore. The address of the garage is at 3140 N Central Ave.—right around the corner!

Michelle Tennison <michelletennison1111@gmail.com> • April 8, 2015

Michelle Tennison will be teaching a course on haiku on 5 consecutive Wednesdays beginning May 27, 2015 and continuing through June 24, 2015 at Camden County Community College in Blackwood, New Jersey. Emphasis will be given to the form and features of both traditional and contemporary experimental haiku. A variety of techniques for opening to the level of haiku insight will be explored. Beginners as well as advanced haiku poets are welcome. Contact <http://www.camdencc.edu/ce> to register or Michelle for more information.

Julie Warther <wartherjulie@gmail.com> • March 13, 2015

Views from Mole Hill

The opening of a retrospective, multimedia exhibition of artworks by Lidia Rozmus will be held on Friday, March 20, 2015, at 6 p.m. to 10. p.m., at The Polish Museum of America, 984 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL.

The exhibition, entitled, "Views from Mole Hill," includes 20 oil paintings, 20 sumi-e paintings (ink on rice paper), 20 haiga paintings (ink on rice paper with haiku poetry), approximately 100 photographs showing the beauty of the Republic of Mole Hill, and the promotion of an anthology of haiku poetry by 18 American and Japanese poets entitled, Climbing Mole Hill. Also planned is a performance by the trio led by Mieczyslaw Wolny, who composed musical pieces for Mole Hill. Exhibit runs till Sunday, March 29, 2015.

Julie Warther <wartherjulie@gmail.com> • March 10, 2015

Lee Gurga is presenting "21st Century English-Language Haiku" at the University of Milwaukee. Thursday, March 19, 2015, 3:00-4:30 p.m. Van Hise Hall, Room 383, 1220 Linden Drive, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI 53706.

Lorin Ford <haikugourds@gmail.com> • March 2, 2015

A Hundred Gourds 4:2 released

The seasons roll around. Today, the first of March, Australia and New Zealand welcome our first day of Autumn whilst those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are anticipating Spring’s arrival. Wherever you are in the world, the 14th issue of A Hundred Gourds, a quarterly journal of haiku, haibun, haiga, tanka and renku poetry is now online for your reading pleasure.


John Stevenson <ithacan@earthlink.net> • March 2, 2015

Heron's Nest March 2015 issue released


John Stevenson <ithacan@earthlink.net> • March 1, 2015

Haiku North America 2015 Request for Proposals


Jeffrey Woodward <haibun.today@gmail.com> • February 26, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT: Haibun Today (March 2015) is now online.

The spring quarterly issue of Haibun Today <http://haibuntoday.com/> is now online for your reading pleasure. This new issue features critical essays by Ruth Holzer, Ray Rasmussen and Jeff Streeby as well as an in-depth interview with Harriot West.

Writers are now invited to submit haibun, tanka prose and articles for consideration in the June 2015 issue. Writers of haibun, in particular, should note the Submission Guidelines at <http://haibuntoday.com/pages/submissions.html>.

Caroline Giles Banks • February 24, 2015

Haiku Poetry Reading & Book Signing by Minnesota Authors

Caroline Giles Banks - The Clay Jar: Haiku, Senryu and Haibun Poems
Majorie Buettner - Some Measure of Existence: Collected Haibun
Marsh Muirhead - her cold martini, haiku

Wednesday, March 11 at 7pm

Sutext Books
165 Western Avenue North
St. Paul, Minnesota

Gabriel Rosenstock <grosenstock04@gmail.com> • February 22, 2015

Short haiku film

Gabriel Rosenstock was video-interviewed about haiku. See this wonderful video on YouTube at:


Susan Auld <suauld@yahoo.com> • February 19, 2015

The Chicago Haiku Study Group will meet on Saturday, February 28th from 2-4pm at:

D&Z Bookstore
5507 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641

We will continue our analysis of interesting contemporary haiku. Following this the group will critique individual haiku. If you would like your haiku critiqued, please bring 10 copies of up to 6 unpublished haiku. We will also discuss possible future programs. For further information or to be removed from this email list please contact Lee Gurga at <gurgalee@gmail.com>.
There is free parking available about a block from the D&Z Bookstore. The address of the garage is at 3140 N Central Avenue—right around the corner!

David Lanoue <david1gerard@hotmail.com> • February 11, 2015

Facebook HSAHaiku Society of America on Facebook

HSA President David Lanoue is pleased to announce that we have an active FACEBOOK page now. The URL link is:


Julie Bloss Kelsey <jublke@gmail.com> • February 7, 2015

Check out the Twitter @hsa_haiku page.twitter

Julie Bloss Kelsey is helping update the HSA Twitter page. If you have something to post for HSA members on the HSA Twitter account, please send an email to <jublke@gmail.com> and put [HSA Twitter] in the subject line. Thanks!

Deborah P Kolodji <dkolodji@aol.com> • January 23, 2015

Haiku Workshop at Joshua Tree National Park, March 7, 2015

The Desert Institute at Joshua Tree National Park
 presents "Desert Haiku Writing in Joshua Tree National Park"
March 7, 2015 at the Black Rock Visitor's Center
9 am to 4 pm.

Joshua Tree, CA – Spring is coming soon, and March is an ideal month to visit the Mojave Desert as wildflowers begin to bloom! Be inspired by the power and beauty of the desert setting to learn how to write haiku as well as other nature-based forms of poetry in this writing-intensive field seminar. Participants will take brief walks and be introduced to the ecologic and cultural/historical richness of the desert at Joshua-Tree-studded Black Rock Campground. In addition to writing haiku that stems from the direct experience of this natural desert wonderland, participants will also be led in writing other short forms of poetry and some short prose stemming from creative writing prompts. This workshop is open to writers of all levels, from beginning to advanced, and is suitable for ages 14+. The workshop is led by desert poet/writer Ruth Nolan, MFA, Professor of English and Creative Writing at College of the Desert, and poet Deborah P. Kolodji, moderator of the Southern California Haiku Study Group, and California Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America.
To receive more information contact Kevin Wong, program director via email at <desertinstitute@joshuatree.org>  or by phone (760) 367-5583. You can also register online on The Desert Institute website: <http://www.joshuatree.org/desert-institute/field-classes/desert-haiku-writing-in-joshua-tree-national-park/>

Lee Gurga <gurga@coxwireless.com> • January 23, 2015

Chicago Haiku Study Group Meeting

The next meeting of the Chicago Haiku Study Group will take place on Saturday, January 24th  from 2-4pm at

D&Z Bookstore
5507 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641

We will have a short review of haiku aesthetics and then apply them to some interesting contemporary haiku. Following this the group will critique individual haiku. If you would like your haiku critiqued, please bring 10 copies of up to 6 unpublished haiku. We will also discuss possible future programs.

Student Haiku Contest

The United Nations International School, the Northeast Council of Teachers of Japanese, and the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations are proud to host the 2015 Student Haiku Contest.

Now in its tenth year, the contest is open to students in grades 1 through 12 and, once again, their teachers. As in the past, poems written in English or in Japanese are eligible, and experienced judges will decide the winners in each of these two language categories. Teachers who wish to enter their students' work in these languages should follow contest regulations. Notable poems in these demonstration categories will be published on the school's website in celebration of the expanded scope of this year's contest. Entries should reflect as much as possible a deeper understanding of the aesthetic principles of haiku instead of focusing only on the syllable count.

Deadline: All entries must be received by March 17, 2015.

For more information see the web page: <http://www.unis.org/page.cfm?p=2389>

Charlotte Digregorio <c-books@hotmail.com> • January 13, 2015

The Fun Art of Haiku and Senryu
Saturday, April 11, 2015, 1:30 p.m.
Deerfield Public Library, 920 Waukegan Rd., Deerfield, IL

Be creative and capture the moments of your life! Write and publish very short, insightful poems about nature, the seasons, and human nature. There will be an informative presentation by Charlotte Digregorio, author of Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All, Second Vice President of the Haiku Society of America, and poet of 32 awards. Each participant will write a poem and read it to the audience, if desired. Four winning poems will be announced. Each winner will receive an issue of Frogpond, journal of the Haiku Society of America.

Julie Warther <wartherjulie@gmail.com> • January 10, 2015

HAIKU WORKSHOP TO MEET January 17th in Wisconsin

THE FOUNDRY BOOKS will sponsor a haiku workshop on Saturday, January 17 at 2:00 PM at THE WALKER HOUSE in Mineral Point. This workshop features Lee Gurga. His topic is "Japanese Aesthetics and Junk Haiku".

We welcome new as well as established haiku poets, and those who just want to learn about haiku and Japanese culture. Please feel free to come, learn, listen and join the discussion. We learn by reading and talking about haiku. Our discussions are designed for both novice and accomplished haiku poets. We will also discuss any questions you may have about haiku. Everyone interested in haiku is encouraged to attend. Phone 608-987-4363 or email <info@foundrybooks.com> for more information.

Julie Warther <wartherjulie@gmail.com> • January 7, 2015

The Chicago Haiku Study Group meets Saturday, January 24th  from 2-4pm at

D&Z Bookstore
5507 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641

We will continue our exploration of haiku aesthetics. Following this, the group will critique individual haiku. If you would like your haiku critiqued, please bring 10 copies of up to 6 unpublished haiku. We will also discuss possible future programs. For further information, contact Lee Gurga at <gurgalee@gmail.com>.
There is free parking available about a block from the D&Z Bookstore.  The address of the garage is at 3140 N Central Ave.—right around the corner.

• • •

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