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HSA Member News & Announcements - 2010

As a service to the Haiku Society of America members, we are glad to post announcement and news related to haiku publications and haiku-related events. You must be a member of HSA to submit items, and limit your announcement to no more than 100 words. These announcements and publications are not endorsed by the HSA.

See the archive: 2010 Member News | 2009 Member News

Please submit your announcements by email to the Electronic Media Officer, Randy Brooks at <rbrooks@millikin.edu>.


2010 Member News & Announcements

Michael Dylan Welch <welchm@aol.com> • December 20, 2010
NEW LOCATION: Haiku North America to be Held in Rochester, New York, July 27–31, 2011
Organizers of the 2011 Haiku North America conference are pleased to announce that Rochester, New York, will now host the 2011 HNA conference, to be held July 27–31, 2011. The conference will maintain the theme of education in haiku and will take place at the Rochester Institute of Technology, cosponsored by the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, by the Postsecondary Educational Network-International funded by the Nippon Foundation of Tokyo, and by the Rochester Area Haiku Group. Led by Jerome Cushman, the local organizing committee also includes Carolyn Dancy, Deb Koen, and Deanna Tiefenthal, with local and long-distance help from Francine Banwarth, and others. Anticipated activities include an Erie Canal boat cruise, banquet, regional readings, a memorial reading, anthology, T-shirts, and possible visits to nearby cultural attractions, including the National Museum of Play and a guided tour of historic Mt. Hope Cemetery, the oldest Victorian municipal cemetery in America and burial site of Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglas, and poet Adelaide Crapsey.

More details will be provided at <http://www.haikunorthamerica.com> and on the HNA Facebook page at <http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Haiku-North-America/113127392085466> (please take a look and click Like! if you’re a Facebook member). For more information, please contact Jerome Cushman at <jercush@aol.com> or Michael Dylan Welch at <welchm@aol.com>. We look forward to seeing you at Haiku North America in Rochester!
Note: Randy Brooks and Millikin University regret that they are not able to host HNA in 2011. We’re grateful for Randy’s initial work in planning HNA for 2011, and also grateful to haiku poets in Rochester, New York, for taking on the conference. Don’t miss it! —Michael Dylan Welch, Garry Gay, and Paul Miller
Call for HNA 2011 Proposals:

If you already submitted a proposal for HNA at Millikin University, it will still be considered (no need to resend). If you would like to submit a new proposal, please send it to Michael Dylan Welch at <WelchM@aol.com> by January 31, 2011. The theme will be education in haiku, but proposals do not have to fit the theme. Proposals can include papers, presentations, panel discussions, readings, workshops, or other activities featuring haiku and related literature (except tanka) in North America. Please provide the following details with your proposal (directly in your email message; no attached files, please):

1. Title (as you would want it to appear in the conference program—make it catchy or provocative if appropriate).

2. A maximum of 50 words describing your presentation (as you would want it to appear in the conference program; please write to attract an audience).

3. Additional descriptions or goals of your presentation (for the benefit of conference organizers), mentioning any planned handouts or activities.

4. Special needs such as digital projection (for PowerPoint presentations), audio, whiteboard, etc.

5. Length of time needed or preferred.

Francine Banwarth <frantic647@yahoo.com> • November 3, 2010

Deep thanks to our judges and hearty congratulations to this year's winners of the Henderson and Brady awards from the Haiku Society of America:

The Annual Harold G. Henderson Awards for Best Unpublished Haiku

Judges: Fay Aoyagi and Lenard D. Moore

First Place: Michele L. Harvey
Second Place: Tish Davis
Third Place: Michele L. Harvey
First HM: Margaret Chula
Second HM: Adelaide B. Shaw
Third HM: Carolyn Hall

The Annual Gerald Brady Memorial Awards for Best Unpublished Senryu

Judges: Linda Jeannette Ward and Marsh Muirhead

First Place: Garry Gay
Second Place: Roberta Beary
Third Place: Cathy Drinkwater Better
Honorable Mentions (Unranked): Garry Gay, Neal Whitman, Julie Warther, Roland Packer

See the HSA Contest Page for information about next year's contests. Send inquiries about the 2011 contests to the Second Vice President (see officer's page) which will be updated as soon as the 2011 officer elections results are known.

Ce Rosenow <rosenowce@gmail.com> • October 31, 2010

The 4th Quarterly HSA Meeting, originally scheduled to be held in Boston, has been cancelled.

Randy Brooks <brooksbooks@sbcglobal.net> • October 8, 2010

Modern Haiku Press is pleased to announce the publication of Modern Haiku, Volumes 1-10 (1969-1979) now available in a CD-ROM edition, edited and designed by Randy Brooks. This archive of the first ten years of Modern Haiku features facsimiles of all pages from Volume 1.1 (winter 1969), through Volume 10.3 (autumn 1979). This CD comprises simple HTML files, so the contents may be read with any Web browser.

Order your copy for $30.00 plus $2.50 shipping & handling from: Randy Brooks, Web Editor, Modern Haiku, 3720 N. Woodridge Drive, Decatur, IL 62526. It is also available for online purchase from the Brooks Books web site at:


Ce Rosenow <rosenowce@gmail.com> • October 7, 2010

d. f. tweney is writing a new column ".haiku column" hosted by the Haiku Society of America on ways in which haiku is finding new life on the internet, through forums, online publications, workshops, virtual worlds, iPhone apps, Twitter, and more. 10-7-10

Stephen Gill <heelstone@gmail.com> • September 28, 2010

Kikakuza International Haibun Contest 2011 Solicitation

English Section

Ideally, there will be one Grand Prix, a number of *Za Prizes *(Highly Commended), and some Honourable Mentions, too. The authors of entries chosen for the first two of these categories will receive prizes as well as certificates from Kikakuza. In the spring, a bilingual bulletin will be published in Japan (there is a Japanese Haibun Section, too), and the results displayed both on the Kikakuza homepage and on the Hailstone Icebox. You can read last year's top four pieces on that site now (click top right
Kikakuza '10 Winning Haibun). <http://hailhaiku.wordpress.com>Japanese winning haibun are to be read at the Kikakuza site.

Entries to: Ms. Motoko Yoshioka, Regalia 907, 73244 Fujimicho, Tachikawashi, Tokyo 1900013, Japan (to arrive between 1 Oct. 2010 and 31 Jan. 2011)

No more than 30 lines (max. 80 spaces each), with title and at least one haiku, not necessarily phrased in three lines. Print on one side of A4, if possible, with your name and address, tel. no., and email address typed along the bottom. The judges will not get to know your identity until judging is over and Kikakuza already knows the results. If English is not your first language, please add the name of your first language in brackets after your name.

Judges: Nobuyuki Yuasa & Stephen Henry Gill.

Entry fee and no. of entries per author: the Contest is *free* this year! Maximum *3 entries per author*.

Ce Rosenow <rosenowce@gmail.com> • September 25, 2010

Dear HSA Members:

This past year, the Executive Committee voted to bring back the HSA Education Committee. The Executive Committee has also been actively trying to get the HSA more involved with literary and academic conferences and festivals as part of our effort to educate people about haiku. To help support these projects, we have created the HSA Education Fund.

I would like to ask you to consider making a donation to this fund. Contributions are tax deductible and will greatly improve the HSA's ability to develop educational materials, lead workshops, and participate in literary events. Please make checks payable to “The Haiku Society of America,” note on the check that the donation is specifically for the HSA Education Fund, and send the donation to:

Angela Terry
HSA Secretary
18036 49th PL NE
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

Thank you in advance for helping us move forward with our education projects.

Additionally, if you would like to participate on the HSA Education Committee and/or volunteer at literary events next year, please contact me at rosenowce@gmail.com. I welcome the chance to work with you!

Thank you,
Ce Rosenow
Haiku Society of America

Michael Welch <WelchM@aol.com> • September 20, 2010

Free Haiku Contest on "Sustainability"

The Haiku Society of America is cosponsoring and judging a haiku contest in anticipatory celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Seattle World's Fair. Two FREE online entries allowed per person, on the theme of "sustainability." Open to anyone anywhere. Deadline is December 31, 2010. For more information, visit http://seattlecenter.org/the-next-fifty-buzz/ (you may need to scroll down to find the haiku announcement in "Buzz #6"). To enter, you will need to create an "account" on the website, but it's quick and easy. $100 first prize plus additional prizes in celebration of the Seattle World's Fair. Please enter today and help us celebrate!

Aubrie Cox <acox@mail.millikin> • September 13, 2010

Here is a photo gallery from the <Cradle of American Haiku Festival 2010>. Recap will be coming soon from Midwest Coordinator, Charlotte Digregorio

Peter Meister <meisterp@uah.edu> • September 10, 2010

Peggy Willis Lyles (1939-2010)

     time out
     the setting sun
     takes center field

          Modern Haiku 38:1

The author of this baseball haiku died in Tucker, Georgia on September 3, 2010. A former English professor, she was a founding member of Pinecone, the North Georgia Haiku Society, and a leading voice in American haiku for the past three decades. She was born in Summerville, South Carolina on September 17, 1939. Here’s a review of her To Hear the Rain <http://www.brooksbookshaiku.com/brooksbooks/selectedlyles.html>, including a generous selection of poems from that volume.

<alan@withwords.org.uk> • August 26, 2010


We are pleased to announce that the 2010 Words International Haiku
Online Competition is now open:


Results of the competition in previous years can be read at:


Origa <origa@acd.net> • August 23, 2010

Calico Cat haiku contest results available with commentaries on the winning haiku, on this site:


Roberta Beary <shortpoems@gmail.com> • August 12, 2010

Roberta Beary's haiku, "rainy season/ again he tells me/ she means nothing",
with music by Sarah Kenan Shunk, was named Best Original Song at the 2010
MidAtlantic Harmony Sweepstakes. The haiku song, sung a cappella by quartet FleurdeLisa, is on their newest CD "The Unworn Necklace". To find out more about haiku songs, including those inspired by Roberta Beary's haiku from her collection The Unworn Necklace (Snapshot Press 2007/2010), visit:


Gisele LeBlanc <berrybluehaiku@gmail.com> • August 11, 2010

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new online magazine dedicated to haiku for children, Berry Blue Haiku. The editors are currently in need of haiku for the September issue. The premier issue can be viewed at:


Norman Darlington <norman.darlington@gmail.com> • July 23, 2010

The Journal of Renga & Renku is hosting a triparshva renku contest with an October 1, 2010 deadline. There is no entry fee. For more details see the web site:


Judges will be Norman Darlington (proposer of triparshva) & Moira Richards, editors and publishers of Journal of Renga & Renku. They are also calling for submissions to the journal: Issue 1 will appear late 2010, available in hardcopy only.

We invite content before October 1st of:

1. Academic/polemic articles, translations, book reviews, news from renku groups
2. Examples of the genre:
a) in English, or another language with English translation
b) previously published or not (provide details for acknowledgement)
c) in standard form: kasen, triparshva, nijûin, jûnichô, shisan, rokku, hyakuin, yotsumono, etc.
d) explorations/experimentations of forms - one-line, zip, fixed counts, rhyme etc
e) with (preferably) or without notes/reflections on the poem/process from sabaki and/or renju

More details: <http://scr.bi/jrr_submission>

Norman Darlington, Moira Richards

Nagoya Chamber of Commerce <kono@nagoya-cci.or.jp> • July 12, 2010

Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry Japan, are sending this mail to you as Ms. Koko KATO, director of Haiku International Association, kindly introduced you to us. As you may know, the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, also known as COP 10, will be held in Aichi-Nagoya, Japan, in October 2010. So we’ve organized the “Biodiversity Exemplified in Haiku” Organizing Committee, and are seeking Haiku verses as attached file. Award winner works will be introduced at COP10 and other related venues. Download the PDF about this competition.

Francine Banwarth <frantic647@yahoo.com> • July 7, 2010


July 27 - July 31, 2011 • Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois

SAVE THE DATES for HNA 2011. Millikin University welcomes and invites you to join in the spirit of learning and teaching the art of haiku. We learn and teach through example and through the generosity of others. For five days we will celebrate the teachers, mentors, editors, publishers, friends, haiku societies, website-based connections, and social networks that introduced us to and nourish us on the haiku path. Share your haiku story and resources. Offer a workshop, presentation, panel discussion, or demonstration on some aspect of teaching and/or learning the art of haiku. We welcome your ideas, your expertise, and your energy.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: If you are interested in making a presentation or demonstration, leading a workshop, or forming a panel discussion for HNA 2011, please forward the following information to:

Randy Brooks - <brooksbooks@sbcglobal.net>
Francine Banwarth - <frantic647@yahoo.com>

SYNOPSIS: (50 words)
BIO: (50 words)

Marjorie Buettner <mbuettner@juno.com> • July 7, 2010


During the 2011 HNA Conference, we will remember those in the haiku world who
have died since August 2009. Please send the names, biographical information, and favorite haiku of the deceased to Marjorie Buettner: mbuettner@juno.com

Howard Lee Kilby <hkilby@hotmail.com> • June 28, 2010

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

We invite everyone near and far to join us in Hot Springs for the 14th annual HSA South Regional Conference November 5-6, 2010 in the conference room at the Hot Springs Airport. For info contact <hkilby@hotmail.com> or telephone 501-767-6096. There is no registration fee. The program chairperson is Celia Stuart Powles of Tulsa, OK. The room is whisper perfect so haiku poets feel right at home. There is always a White Elephant gift exchange so please bring a $10 gift. It is a brilliant idea of Dr. Susan Delphine Delaney of Plano, TX.

See additional news from the South Region Report added to the HSA South Region web page.

—Howard Lee Kilby

michele robinson <robinson.m.l@comcast.net> • June 18, 2010

Michele Robinson, Secretary of the Nicholas Virgilio Haiku Association, is pleased to announce the winning haiku and judges' commentary for the 2010 Nicholas A. Virgilio Memorial Competition.

Peter Meister <meisterp@uah.edu> • June 14, 2010

Our next get-together for the Southeast Region of the HSA is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 10. For directions and other details, please contact meisterp@uah.edu.

Deborah P Kolodji <dkolodji@aol.com> • March 12, 2010

Photos from the 1st Quarterly Meeting of the HSA (2010)

Deborah has posted photos from the 2010 First Quarterly Meeting of the Haiku Society of America on Flickr. It was hosted in Pasadena, California by the Southern California Haiku Study Group.


Mike Morell <straycougar1@yahoo.com> • February 26, 2010

HSA member in Southeast Pennsylvania is looking to start a Philadelphia-area society/workshop. Anyone interested please contact Mike Morell at <straycougar1@yahoo.com>.

Rick Black <rickblack1@optonline.net> • February 25, 2010

The winner of the 2010 Turtle Light Press haiku chapbook competition is All That Remains by Catherine J.S. Lee. She has been writing haiku for two years but exhibits an evocative, mature voice. You can take a look at this link:


to read the full award statement and sample some of Lee's moving poems. TLP is planning to release All That Remains this coming fall.

Leslie Rose <larosecat@aol.com> • February 24, 2010

The Jerry Kilbride Memorial 2010 English-Language Haibun Contest
Sponsor: Central Valley Haiku Club
Deadline: In hand by October 1, 2010

Submissions: All entries must be unpublished, not under consideration elsewhere, and in English. No limit to the number or length of any submissions. Submit three copies of each haibun, two (2) copies without author information attached for anonymous judging, one (1) copy with author’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address for notification purposes. A first prize of $100 and a second prize of $50 will be awarded. Honorable mention certificates also will be given. Winning entries will be published in an upcoming CVHC chapbook and will be available at the CVHC website.. The entry fee $5 (US) per haibun should be paid by check and made out to: Mark Hollingsworth (CVHC Treasurer).

Eligibility: Open to the public; CVHC officers are not eligible.
Correspondence: No entries will be returned. Send business-sized SASE for a list of the winning entries. Please note that entries without SASE, insufficient postage, or that fail to adhere to contest rules will be disqualified.
Judges: Will not be disclosed until the contest winner has been decided.

Send entries to: Yvonne Cabalona, 709 Auburn Street, Modesto, CA 95350-6079.

Joette Giorgis <joette.guitar@comcast.net> • January 24, 2010

One of Joette's haiku, which had been published in Modern Haiku, was chosen by Ted Kooser, former U.S. poet laureate, for his column, “American Life in Poetry.”  This is a weekly column that appears in many newspapers and online publications. Here is a link to the column on my haiku:


Congratulations to Joette!

Deborah P Kolodji <dkolodji@aol.com> • January 18, 2010

Haiku Society of America, 1st Quarterly Meeting
Hosted by the Southern California Haiku Study Group
Organizers: Deborah P Kolodji and Naia

Friday, Feb 19, 2010.

5:30 p.m. Dinner at Burger Continental, 535 South Lake Ave, Pasadena.CA (Don't let the name fool you - the menu includes an assortment of Greek, Armenian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean entries.)

7:30 pm. Haiku reading at Ten Thousand Villages, 567 South Lake Ave Pasadena, CA. Urban Haiku performance, "Basho meets Spoken Word" performance. Poets include Victor Ortiz, Michael Dylan Welch, Eric Morago (reading Basho). Open Haiku mic.

Saturday, Feb 20, 2010.

10:00 am. Museum tour, Pacific Asia Museum 46 N. Los Robles, Pasadena, CA

10:30 am. Southern California Haiku Study Group participation in a Poets- on-Site-style sampler performance. Haiku and haibun.

11:00 am. Lunch at Sitar, 618 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA

12:30 - 6:00 pm. A variety of readings, talks, and workshops at the Pacific Asia Museum, 46 N. Los Robles, Pasadena, CA

Presenters include Dr. Thomas Rimer, Jeanne Nakano (Interpretive dance and haiku), Susan Antolin, Ce Rosenow, and others.

6:30 p.m. Dinner at McCormick and Schmick's, 111 N. Los Robles, Pasadena,CA

8:00 pm. - Salon at a private home.

Sunday, Feb 21, 2010

10:00 am. Gold Line Ginko. We will catch the Gold Line in Pasadena to Union Station, Olvera Street, and Little Tokyo.

12:30 pm. (approx) Lunch and sharing of the haiku we write in Little Tokyo.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Debbie Kolodji dkolodji@aol.com or Naia naia01@yahoo.com

Francine Banwarth <frantic647@yahoo.com> • January 5, 2010

We are pleased to announce that Judges Patricia Machmiller and Jerry Ball have chosen the 2009 Bernard Lionel Einbond Renku winners:

First Place: "Circles of Strangers" by Christopher Herold & Carol O'Dell
Honorable Mention: "Streaks of Dawn" by Allan Burns, Christopher Herold & Ron Moss
Honorable Mention: "Gunnysack" by John Stevenson, Hilary Tann, Paul MacNeil & Yu Chang

Publication of the winning renku with judges' comments will be published in the next issue of Frogpond.

Robert Epstein <taylorepstein@earthlink.net> • January 3, 2010

Call for submissions: Haiku death poems (published or  unpublished) written with an awareness of one's own mortality, not poems regarding another's death, to be included in an anthology. No deadline or limit on the number of submissions. No monetary compensation or book. Please include prior publication credits.

Send poems to Robert Epstein: <taylorepstein@earthlink.net> or 1343 Navellier St., El Cerrito, CA 94530; include SASE.

Ce Rosenow <rosenowce@gmail.com> January 2, 2010

The Haiku Society of America is now one of the American Literature Association's affiliated societies. As an affiliate of ALA, you may be interested in attending the 21st Annual Conference which will be in San Francisco on May 27-30, 2010.

American Literature Association
21st Annual Conference
Dates: May 27-30, 2010
San Francisco, CA

Complete details are available on the ALA's website:


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