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HSA Member News & Announcements - 2009

As a service to the Haiku Society of America members, we are glad to post announcement and news related to haiku publications and haiku-related events. You must be a member of HSA to submit items, and limit your announcement to no more than 100 words. These announcements and publications are not endorsed by the HSA.

Please submit your announcements by email to the Electronic Media Officer, Randy Brooks at <rbrooks@millikin.edu>.


2009 Member News & Announcements

Donna Beaver <donna@haikuchronicles.com> • November 2, 2009

Haiku Chronicles now playing Episode 7 on Baseball Haiku at:


To celebrate Baseball and the World Series, Haiku Chronicles takes you “back to the ball game” with Baseball Haiku. Discussion and readings of American and Japanese haiku and senryu on baseball by Cor van den Heuvel, Ed Markowski, Alan Pizzarelli, and Donna Beaver.

Robert Epstein <taylorepstein@earthlink.net> • October 31, 2009

Call for submissions:  Haiku death poems (published or  unpublished) written with an awareness of one's own mortality, not poems regarding another's death, to be included in an anthology. No deadline or limit on the number of submissions. No monetary compensation or book. Please include prior publication credits. Send poems to Robert Epstein: <taylorepstein@earthlink.net> or 1343 Navellier St., El Cerrito, CA 94530; include SASE.

Walter E. Harris III <mankh@allbook-books.com> • October 15, 2009

2010 Haiku Calendar is available for sale. The 2010 Haiku and Brush Calligraphy Calendar includes haiku, senryu, a few tanka and short poems, plus a haibun... from 25 poets and artists. Edited, and with calligraphy, by Mankh (Walter E. Harris III).


Colin Sewart Jones <geaneditor@googlemail.com> • October 14, 2009

New magazine, NOTES FROM THE GEAN, is online at:


"We seek to encourage excellence, experimentation and education within the haiku community. We believe this is best accomplished by example and not imitation. Our aim is for authenticity above all else. We therefore solicit your finest examples of Japanese short form poetry and hope to 'hear' your voices speak.

We recognize that haiku is now a worldwide phenomenon: the internet has enabled poets from different hemispheres to publish their works simultaneously and we have assembled a global team of editors in response to this perceived seasonal problem.

In the interest of fairness to our readership, issues of Notes From the Gean will not, therefore, be tailored to any particular season nor have a culture bias but rather our focus will be on the quality of the work.

We welcome your submissions of up to 10 original haiku and/or senryu, 10 tanka, or 10 haiga. Renga, haibun, and sequences will not be considered at this time."

Please send your submissions to:

Lorin Ford, Australia, Haiku Editor:

H. Gene Murtha, United States, Tanka Editor:

Melinda Hipple, United States, Haiga Editor:

Grum Robertson, United Kingdom, Photographic Consultant:

All enquiries should be sent to:
Colin Stewart Jones, United Kingdom, Managing Editor:

2009 HSA South Region Meeting

I want to invite you to attend the South Region Conference of the Haiku Society of America. It will be held at the Hot Springs airport conference room, 525 Airport Road, in Hot Springs Arkansas, Friday and Saturday, November 6-7, 2009. The airport telephone number is 501-624-3306.

If you would like to give a presentation on a haiku topic, please contact me at hkilby@hotmail.com and cc our program chairman, Celia Stuart-Powles at sourdust9@cox.net.

This will be our 13th annual meeting. Please let me know if you are coming so that I can prepare a special greeting.

We will also have an Asian Elephant gift exchange. Please bring a wrapped $5-10 haiku-y gift. The exchange is coordinated by Susan Delphine Delaney. You can contact her at susandelphinedelaney@airmail.net if you have questions. This is a fun and cherished part of our meeting.

For additional information, contact Howard Lee Kilby at 501-767-6096.

Dick Whyte <dickwhyte@gmail.com> • September 26, 2009

Dick Whyte and Laurence Stacey have started a new haiku journal called Haiku News.

Dick writes: "A lot of people have tried to merge the news with haiku in the past, but often it has been nothing more than a gimmick (and their understanding of haiku seldom goes beyond 5-7-5). Anyway, we are trying to see what happens when serious haiku poets reflect on world events." Here is the website:


Stephen Gill <heelstone@gmail.com> • September 21, 2009

Kikakuza Haibun Contest 2010

Kikakuza is a group of haikai (linked-verse) poets founded in 2005 in honour of Kikaku (1661~1707), Basho’s celebrated disciple. We wish to help revive the tradition of haibun, which gradually went out of favour after the Meiji Restoration. For this purpose, we started a Haibun Contest last year. In the English section, we received 90 entries from 17 different countries. Email for guidelines for our Haibun Contest this year. You are warmly invited to participate. The contest will be judged by Nobuyuki Yuasa and Stephen Henry Gill and the results will be announced in the Kikakuza Bulletin and on its homepage, awards being sent directly to the winners.

For complete entry instructions and questions, contact the following address: <nyuasa88s@regalia.nir.jp>

Patrick Pilarski <pilarski@gmail.com> • September 20, 2009

Book Launch Announcement: Huge Blue by Patrick M. Pilarski

Leaf Press is thrilled to announce publication of Huge Blue, Patrick M. Pilarski’s first full-length collection of poetry. A collection of contemporary haiku, tanka, haibun, tanka prose, senryu, and quatrains, Huge Blue is a poetic tour guide to Canada’s stunning western landscapes.  To purchase a copy, please contact the publisher: Leaf Press, Box 416, Lantzville, BC, Canada, V0R 2H0, orders@leafpress.ca, or order online using PayPal at http://www.leafpress.ca

Huge Blue by Patrick M. Pilarski.
September 2009
ISBN 978-1-926655-02-4
4.25 x 5 inches; perfect bound; scarlet fly sheets
104 pages; $16.95 CDN

Paul Miller • August 16, 2009

A few copies of the 2008 member's anthology, dandelion clocks - Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology 2008 (Roberta Beary and Ellen Compton, Editors, 2008) are available for sale. Here is theinformation to purchase a copy:

Price per Copy: $20.00 in the United States, Canada or Mexico. $23.00 for all other overseas locations. Postage is included.  Send to HSA Secretary, Paul Miller:

Paul Miller
31 Seal Island Road
Bristol, RI 02809

Payment: Please make checks or money orders in U.S. currency only payable to “Haiku Society of America”.

Robert Epstein <taylorepstein@earthlink.net> • August 8, 2009

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS:  Robert Epstein is seeking death poems for an anthology on the same subject.  One need not be on the verge of dying to write a death poem.  Please submit your poems (no limit)—which can be about your own mortality or that of a loved one—to either address: <taylorepstein@earthlink.net>
or 1343 Navellier St., El Cerrito, CA 94530. Please include an SASE if submitting by mail. No monetary reimbursement offered for selected poems.

Scott Metz <ztemttocs@gmail.com> • August 4, 2009

HSA members, you might be insterested in Scott's new experimental blog called lakes & now wolves: http://lakesandnowwolves.wordpress.com/

Scott writes:

about once a week, i will be posting one of my previously published ku (haiku/senryu/zappai/short poems) in an attempt to link it to the previous one. no commentary, just what i consider to be my best work, piece by piece. over time, i hope it will be a substantial collection, free for anyone to read and (re)visit. and, of course, it is all "live", so please feel free to comment on any of the ku/posts if you like.

Charles Trumbull <trumbullc@comcast.net> • July 15, 2009

Please note that Modern Haiku is moving to New Mexico!

After the close of the current reading period on July 15, the MH files will be packed up for the move to Santa Fe. For a period of about a month, processing of new submissions will be suspended and response times will be very slow. We will try to process subscription matters as promptly as possible, but there may be some delays in this area too. We beg your understanding! With luck, we’ll be able to meet our publishing schedule and have issue 40.3 in the mail on schedule in October.

Effective immediately, the new address for all Modern Haiku matters is:

Charles Trumbull
Editor, Modern Haiku
PO Box 33077
Santa Fe NM 87594-9998

Mail will be forwarded from our Evanston mailbox for six months, but using that box, of course, will only add to the delay in processing your submissions and subscriptions.

We think we’ll be able to keep our present e-mail address: <trumbullc@comcast.net>

Kate Marianchild <katem@mcn.org> • July 14, 2009

ukiaHaiku festival submissions welcome 

Ukiah is a northern California town whose name, backwards, spells “Haiku.” In 2010 the City of Ukiah will hold its 7th annual haiku contest and festival. The festival encourages local, national, and international submissions of Contemporary Haiku. 

Website Address: www.ukiahaiku.org
Fee:  $5 for up to three haiku. 
Limit: Maximum 3 haiku per person.
Eligibility: age 19 and over.
Deadline: February 26, 2010 (postmark or email date).
Judging: Internationally famous haiku poet Jane Reichhold will judge the Contemporary Haiku category.

Linda Pilarski <lpilarsk@ualberta.ca> • June 30, 2009

New Haiga Journal to Launch Wednesday, July 1st, 2009: DailyHaiga

Haiku and haiga enthusiasts will have an opportunity to explore these forms in a new way, with the launch of DailyHaiga, Wednesday, July 1, 2009. DailyHaiga is an edited online journal of contemporary and traditional haiga, available online at http://www.dailyhaiga.org. Following the format of sister publication DailyHaiku (http://www.dailyhaiku.org), this journal will present a new piece each day from one of their contributors.

Those new to the form will find that haiga moves beyond the boundaries of written verse—pairing haiku with an image that expands or juxtaposes the moment explored in the haiku. Over the next few months, DailyHaiga will feature work from renowned invited artists, including: an’ya, Susan Constable, Billie Dee, Lary Fraser, Allison Millcock, Sakuo Nakamura, Linda Papanicolaou, Carol Raisfeld, Ray Rasmussen, Emily Romano, Alexis Rotella, and Liam Wilkinson. The site features sophisticated archiving and search functions with easy navigation between current and previous haiga. DailyHaiga also syndicates content, and is available through your favorite RSS or Atom feedreader at http://www.dailyhaiga.org/rss/

General submissions will open on July 1st. Guidelines for email submissions can be found at http://www.dailyhaiga.org. In addition to new haiga, we will also consider haiga that pair new images with previously published literary components (e.g. haiku and related poetic forms). We will not consider haiga that have previously appeared online in any form.

DailyHaiga staff can be contacted at dailyhaiga@gmail.com.

Donna Beaver <donna@haikuchronicles.com> • June 13, 2009

Haiku Chronicles -- A New Podcast! -- from Al Pizzarelli & Donna Beaver

Greetings fellow poets and friends, We would like to announce . . . A New Poetry Podcast Devoted To Haiku And Its Related Forms: Haiku Chronicles is designed to provide a better understanding and appreciation of the art of Haiku and its related forms including senryu, renku, tanka, haibun, haiga, and more. In these podcasts, poets Alan Pizzarelli and Donna Beaver discuss the origins and poetic principles of these poetic forms in the English language, featuring poems by the most prominent poets of the genre. For more on Haiku Chronicles visit: <http://www.haikuchronicles.com>

Haiku Chronicles is also available through iTunes.

Andrew Shimield <jard@blueyonder.co.uk> • May 11, 2009

The Biennial British Haiku Society Haibun Anthology 2009

The British Haiku Society has extended the closing date for this international award to 1 October 2009 because the editors felt that there were insufficient entries of a strong enough quality. You now have a further opportunity to send in your best haibun that illustrate an awareness of the relationship between the prose and haiku. The editors recommend that you think about the points below.

  • Can the haiku stand alone and relate to the prose yet without repeating the same idea?
  • Is there an identifiable theme that still leaves room for the reader to participate and find meaning?
  • Is the language precise and fresh?

Conditions of entry: Open to all, except BHS committee members and any others involved with the administration of the anthology. Submissions must be written in English and be between 100 and 2000 words long, including haiku. Work must be unpublished and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Each haibun should be given a title. Entries will not be returned, so please retain copies of your submission. Copyright reverts to the author after publication in the anthology. In the event of there still being insufficient quantity and/or quality of submissions, those that are received will be carried forward for consideration for the 2011 anthology.

Submission details: Three copies of each haibun, with each copy starting on a separate A4 sheet. One copy should show your name, address, telephone number and email address (if applicable). The other two copies should contain no identification. Entries on disk (floppy or CD, in Word format) will be happily accepted. If you require receipt of your entry, please either request an email acknowledgement or send an SAE, or, for those overseas, an IRC stamped by the originating office.

Entry fee: £6.00 (cheques to ‘British Haiku Society’), or US$ 12 (in dollar bills), plus £3/6$ for each additional haibun. Closing date: In hand by 1 October 2009. Address for entries: Andrew Shimield, Haibun Anthology, 18 Deepwell Close, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 5EN, UK

Johnye Strickland <jstrickland35@comcast.net> • April 6, 2009

2009 Annual Francine Porad Award for Haiku
Washington Poets Association

Prizes: $100, $75, $50
Deadline: Received (online) by May 15, 2009
Eligibility: Open to all poets, except current WPA board members. Haiku that are previously published or that have won awards are not eligible.
Entry: You may submit up to ten poems. To submit, see http://www.washingtonpoets.org/wpa_contest_guidelines.php for online submission instructions. All submissions must be made online; submissions made in any other manner will not be accepted. (Please note that the November 2008 and March 2009 Haiku Society of America newsletter listed an incorrect submission process.)
Fee: $5 for the first poem, and $1 for each additional poem submitted. Payment must be made online through the Web site (instructions provided).
Publication/Rights: Winning entries will be published in the WPA journal, Cascade. The Washington Poets Association reserves the right to publish all winners and honorable mentions in future anthologies, newsletters, and on its Web site.

If you have questions, please contact Michael Dylan Welch at WelchM@aol.com.

Note that the information in the March 2009 HSANewsletter was inaccurate. The HSA apologizes for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

from Yvonne Cabalona • April 2, 2009

Announcing the Jerry Kilbride Memorial 2009 English-Language Haibun Contest sponsored by the Central Valley Haiku Club. All entries must be unpublished, not under consideration elsewhere, and in English. No limit to the number or length of any submissions. Submit three copies of each haibun, two (2) copies without author information attached for anonymous judging, one (1) copy with author’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address for notification purposes. A first prize of $100 and a second prize of $50 will be awarded. Honorable mention certificates also will be given. Winning entries will be published in the upcoming CVHC Ten-Year Anniversary chapbook and will also be available at the CVHC website.. The entry fee $5 (US) per haibun should be paid by check and made out to: Mark Hollingsworth (CVHC Treasurer). No entries will be returned. Send business-sized SASE for a list of the winning entries. Please note that entries without SASE, insufficient postage, or that fail to adhere to contest rules will be disqualified. Deadline: In hand by October 1, 2009. Send entries to: Yvonne Cabalona, 709 Auburn Street, Modesto, CA 95350-6079.

HSA Newsletter 3-2-09

Haiku North America Cross-currents Conference Ottawa, Canada, 5-9 August 2009
For regular updates see http://haikunorthamerica.com/hna_2009.html
Join our superb program of international speakers, panels, presentations, poetry readings, haiga exhibitions and archival displays at the National Library and Archives on historic Wellington Street steps from the Parliament Buildings, the Supreme Court, the Rideau Canal system (named a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2007) and the Byward Market entertainment area.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: John Brandi (USA) author of more than 36 books of poetry, essays, haiku. His poet-painter-traveler practice harkens to 8th century Chinese master, Wang Wei. Journeys have carried him to Southeast Asia, India, Himalayas, Mexico and Indonesia.

FEATURED GUEST SPEAKERS: Emiko Miyashita (Japan) haiku poet translator of nine books and Secretary of the Japanese Association of Haiku Poets. Patricia Donegan (USA) haiku poet and former Fulbright scholar in Japan, author of Chiyo-ni: Woman Haiku Master (with Ishibashi Yoshie), and Haiku Mind: 108 Poems to Cultivate Awareness and Open Your Heart.

MAKE HNA CROSSCURRENTS 2009 YOUR CONFERENCE OF CHOICE FOR 2009. By the summer of 2009, all travellers (land and air) will need passports to enter Canada. Begin the work now. Be prepared to be caught up in the currents.

Download a copy of the Haiku North America Poster.

3-1-09 haiku masks <haikumasks@gmail.com>

This is an announcement as well as an invitation from the editors of masks, a new haiku zine devoted to haiku pen names (otherwise known as noms de plume, or, in Japanese, haigo).

masks is looking to publish the best in modern, anonymous haiku.

Haiku of any school or style are encouraged. However, by asking poets to give up their names and create a new one (or perhaps a few), the editors are hoping poets will break from the old, the overdone, and the status quo, and be more willing to experiment with their work—pushing boundaries, as well as exploring both uncharted and seldom visited territories.

Please send anywhere from 5 to 50 poems at a time to: haikumasks@gmail.com

Submissions may contain more than one pen name, but must contain at least one. Only pen names will be published in the zine. Submissions and pen names will be considered in any language, but must also be accompanied by English translations. Please allow one to three months for a decision to be made on your work. Be playful. Experiment. Don a mask.

3-1-09 Dave Russo <drusso1@mindspring.com>

Dear members of the HSA Members,

The HNA 2009 web pages have been updated with an overview of the schedule, registration forms, and a call for submission to the conference anthology. Of course the anthology is for people who attend HNA 2009.


3-1-09 Stanford M. Forrester <bottlerockets_99@yahoo.com>

Dear Haiku Friends:
I hope you will print, post, and/or distribute the following information about the the 3rd annual Haiku Circle. If you have any questions, let me know.
Stay warm,
Stan Forrester

The 3rd Haiku Circle will take place on Saturday, June 6th (9AM-6PM) at the Red House Tree Farm Northfield, MA. This year's event will include the following:
1) Letterpress print: All day workshop with Ed Rayher & Greg Joly.
2) Nature sketching for beginners: All day workshop with Mary Forrester.
3) The persona haibun: The art of empathy: Workshop with Maggie Chula.
4) Naturalist walk: A focus on butterflies with Ted Watt.

Peggy Lyles & Carl Patrick will be featured readers.

Cost will remain the same at $65.00 with a discount to $50.00 for early registration (before May 1). Fees include all meals. Camping and book table space with advance notice. Music will be provided by harpist Piper Pichette. We welcome you to join us!

Please make check payable to "Wanda Cook/Haiku Circle" and mail to: Wanda Cook, P.O. Box 314, Hadley, MA 01035

For more information:

-vincent tripi at (413) 772-2354
-Raffael de Gruttola at (508) 653-3354 or cellinixo@aol.com
-Wanda Cook at willowbranch32@yahoo.com
-Stanford M. Forrester at bottlerockets_99@yahoo.co,

3-1-09 Jeffrey Woodward <mhtp.editor@gmail.com>

Modern Haibun & Tanka Prose

You are invited to submit haibun and tanka prose for the Summer 2009 premiere issue of Modern Haibun & Tanka Prose. The submission deadline is March 31, 2009. Submissions will NOT close earlier than the deadline. Modern Haibun & Tanka Prose is a biannual journal—a print literary journal, a PDF ebook, and a digital online magazine—dedicated to the publication and promotion of fine English haibun and tanka prose. We seek traditional and innovative haibun and tanka prose of high quality and desire to assimilate the best of these Japanese genres into a continuously evolving English tradition. In addition to haibun and tanka prose, we publish articles, essays, book reviews and interviews pertinent to these same genres.

Modern Haibun & Tanka Prose, Baltimore, Maryland USA. Website: http://www.modernhaibunandtankaprose.com/

3-1-09 Paul David Mena <webmaster@theheronsnest.com>

The March issue of The Heron's Nest is now available for your reading pleasure at http://www.theheronsnest.com/.

2-28-09 <desk@dailyhaiku.org>

Submission are now open for DailyHaiku Cycle 7

DailyHaiku is a print and daily online serial publication that exists to promote and preserve the gentle written art of haiku. DailyHaiku publishes the work of Canadian and international haiku poets, blending contemporary, experimental, and traditional styles to explore the boundaries of English-language haiku. Through our special features section, we also aim to chronicle the diverse and ever-changing landscape of contemporary haiku-related forms. We're now looking for a new roster of six talented haiku poets for our upcoming cycle (Volume 4, Cycle 7, Spring/Summer 2009). If selected as a contributor, you will be responsible for providing a total of 28 haiku over a six-month period.

Submission Period: March 1-31, 2009
How to Submit: Email submissions to desk@dailyhaiku.org

What to Submit: Ten unpublished haiku---no more, no less---your contact information, and a 75 word biographical note. We do not accept work published or under consideration by other journals or websites


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