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HSA Regional Announcements & News for 2009

This section lists events which may be of particular interest to HSA members in one of these regions of the United States (or in Japan):

Northeast | Northeast Metro | MidAtlantic | South | Southeast | Southwest | Midwest
Plains and Mountains | California | Washington | Oregon | Hawaii/Pacific | Alaska | Japan

See the archives of Regional Meetings: 2009 | 2008 | 2007


If you are not an HSA Regional Coordinator but would like to publicize a haiku event that may be of interest to HSA members in your region, please contact the Regional Coordinator for your region.

Northeast Region

Bangor Haiku Group (Maine)

March 2009 update.

It has been cold with the snow piling higher each week.

a cold morning
with a ski sweater
cardboard snowman

for Carlos
Bruce Ross

Matthew, a young man interested in haiku, has joined the Bangor Haiku Group. He showed up unannounced at our January meeting where we read and discussed our haiku and those from a selection of current haiku journals.
Our winter event on February 2nd was a reprise of last year’s ginko at the Audubon Society’s Fields Pond. We encounter again the same-but-different frozen pond and snowy fields. A snowmobile track, however, led us to a small woods where we stood listening to woodpeckers. On the other side of the woods was a huge lake with a group of ice fisherman and their huts near its center. After the hiking we shared a special Hong Kong-style lunch, including spicy General Tsao’s Chicken made out of tofu, at a Chinese restaurant whose chef I know. The next evening we had our January Bangor Haiku Group meeting, sharing a few of our haiku and watching the wonderful DVD, HAIKU, The Art of the Short Poem. There were several questions about those interviewed in the DVD and about Haiku North America.

Bruce Ross has a new collection of haibun out shortly, endless small waves. He will be giving a short talk (based on an updated version of his introduction to Haiku Moment appearing in the current issue of the Romanian journal HAIKU) and a short workshop in several cities in Japan in April 2009.

what noise!
the crows interrupted by an osprey

ground hog day
fishermen bore new holes
thru the ice


snowmobile tracks
every once in a while
frozen lake


—Bruce Ross, Hampden, Maine 

Boston, Massachusetts

March 2009 update.

Raffael de Gruttola, Paul David Mena, and Brett Peruzzi of the MetroWestRenkuAssociation will be doing a reading at the Arsenal Center for the Arts on January 22nd in conjunction with a new exhibit called: New Visions.  Raffael will also read a solo renku that Peggy McClure, one of the visual artists in the exhibit, has incorporated into one of her larger paintings.

Raffael de Gruttola was invited to give a talk at a benefit for Nick Virgilio on January 25th. The evening, sponsored by the Nick Virgilio Haiku Association, was called I Remember Nick Night . It was held at the Walt Whitman Center in Camden, New Jersey.

Raffael de Gruttola gave a talk at the Kaji Aso Studio on November 22nd in conjunction with photographer Robert Castagna’s Haiga in the Eye of the Camera: Kyoto in Season.  The photographic haiga on exhibit were previously presented in Cesenatico, Italy last summer at Casa Moretti in conjunction with Porto dei Poeti, an International Poetry Conference.

The Boston Haiku Society is forthcoming with its fourth chapbook entitled wind flow. Twenty-two poets from the Society are represented. The chapbook will include not only haiku/senryu, but haibun, haiga, tanka, and renku. The editors are Raffael de Gruttola, Judson Evans, and Karen Klein. The sections of the book are entitled “The Here and Now”, “Beyond Borders,” and “Creatures and Seasons.” 

In January Raffael de Gruttola printed a small edition of a 36 link postcard renku that he and LeRoy Gorman completed a few years ago entitled unchanging movement.  The title is taken from a Zen perception by Basho: fueki ryuko.

On March 11th, Raffael de Gruttola will give a Haiku Workshop entitled Haiku Appreciation: A Writing Workshop for Friends of the Natick Library in conjunction with poetry month at the Library.

As always the Boston Haiku Society meets at the Kaji Aso Studio in Boston on the 3rd Saturday of each month. This is the 21st year of continuous monthly meetings at the Studio. On January 24th members of the Studio and BHS read at the Studio's Japanese New Year's Celebration. The theme for this year's event was entitled embers. 

Raffael de Gruttola

Western Massachusetts

March 2009 update.

We celebrated the holiday season with our annual party at the home of Gloria Ayvazian. The fireplace was lit with the traditional yule log.  The centerpiece of the luncheon table was a beautiful chocolate cake with an Issa poem decorating it. Gloria received the attendance award and everyone enjoyed the afternoon festivities.

Wanda Cook and Patricia Harvey designed and hand crafted our second Annual National Haiku Day card, complete with wiggly eyes this year, and sent them to haiku groups across the country. 

We are all busy writing poetry this winter with traditional New England weather as inspiration, including an unbelievable ice storm that moved many of us back to 19th century living without electricity -- some of us spent a week without power. It will be interesting to see the poems it generates.

—Karen Reynolds

Northeast Metro

Lake Champlain-Adirondack, New York

March 2009 update.

—Rich Schnell

Rochester, New York

March 2009 update.

Students of Tom Painting made an ex-cellent showing in the 2008 Nicholas Virgilio Haiku Contest, as reported in Frogpond 31:3 –

winter stars
my father paints over
the old white walls

Asha Bishi

autumn night
one brick darker
than the rest

Gracie Elliot

scent of spring
my sister paints
the rising sun

Asha Bishi

silent graveyard
one tombstone
with a crow

Alexa Navarez

Tom teaches middle and high school creative writing at Rochester’s School of the Arts. He says most of his students like the unit on haiku the best. We can believe that.

—Deanna Tiefenthal, Coordinator

New York, New York

March 2009 update.

Greetings to my fellow HSA members. I will be assuming the position of Northeast Metro Regional Coordinator. Thanks to Miriam Borne for holding this position for the past two years. Her hard work and inspired planning have been greatly appreciated by us all, and I hope to continue in her generous and creative spirit.

Our next meeting will be held on March 21 to honor William (Bill) J. Higginson. It was his wish that a brief memorial be held in the spring. Please bring a favorite poem written by Bill, or a brief section of his prose to recite. Please also consider sharing a favorite memory of Bill. John Stevenson and Scott Mason will help us commemorate Bill’s illustrative haiku path. Penny Harter will also be joining us, and Hiro Sato will host a party following the meeting.

This year’s HSA annual meeting will be held in NYC on September 12. We hope many of you will be able to attend.

—Alice Gray, Metro NE Regional Coordinator

Mid Atlantic Region


March 2009 update. See updates to the 2008 meetings.

—Ellen Compton

Central Maryland

March 2009 update. See updates to the 2008 meetings.

For information about future meetings:
cbetter@juno.com or efanto@verizon.net .

—Cathy Drinkwater Better (Walker)

Richmond Haiku Workshop

March 2009 update.


 Hot Springs, Arkansas

March 2009 update. The 13th annual South Region Conference of the Haiku Society of America will meet in Hot Springs, Arkansas on Friday and Saturday, November 6-7, 2009. The meeting place will be announced later in the newsletter and also on the HSA website. Anyone who happens to be in the area at the time is welcome to participate in the workshops and programs, which will be organized by Celia Stuart. Y’all come.

—Howard Lee Kilby

New Orleans Haiku Society

March 2009 update. With heavy hearts, the New Orleans Haiku Society shares the sad news that one of our own, Vaughn Banting, has passed away. Vaughn was a dear friend who was an inspiration to all. His extensive website offers us a glimpse of the amazing life he led with joie de vivre. http://www.vlbanting.com/  Here is one of Vaughn's poems:

the slug's map
I arrive at cabbages

—Vaughn Banting

Please visit our blog for the latest information about our meetings and events: http://neworleanshaikusociety.blogspot.com/   

— Johnette Downing                                                  

Shreveport, Louisiana

March 2009 update. Carlos Colón was featured in an article in The (Shreveport) Times, October 26, 2008. The article focused on Colón's appearance in the DVD Haiku: The Art of the Short Poem by Tazuo Yamaguchi and on how the DVD can be used to correct misconceptions when teaching the elements of haiku.

—Carlos Colón


North Carolina Haiku Society

March 2009 update.

Please see the NCHS Meeting page for details: http://www.nchaiku.org/

— Lenard D. Moore

North Georgia Haiku Society

March 2009 update.

—Marilyn Appl Walker

Robert Frost Poetry Festival 2008 at Key West, Florida

March 2009 update.

For information, registration, and contest details, write to The RFPF, 410 Caroline Street, Key West, Florida 33040, USA, or visit <http://www.robertfrostpoetryfestival.com/>

Charles Trumbull


March 2009 update. See updates to the 2008 meetings.

—Charles Trumbull

Mississippi Mud Daubers at Edwardsville, Illinois.

March 2009 update. See updates to the 2008 meetings.

—John Dunphy


Haiku Poets of North Texas

March 2009 update. The next meeting will be March 14. A renga workshop is planned, along with a Vernal Equinox Ivory Elephant Gift Exchange.

—Submitted by Susan Delphine Delaney MD, MS

Forth Worth Haiku Society (Texas)

March 2009 update. The Fort Worth Haiku Society will no longer be meeting because of low attendance and health issues on the part of the founder and president, Cliff Roberts. It is hoped that it can be started again at sometime in the future.

—Respectively Submitted by Brenda Roberts


Washington State Region

January 8, 2009 Meeting. Despite our unusual holiday snowfalls, Haiku Northwest began its 21st year at the Bellevue Regional Library. We experimented with the idea of having a “Sister Haiku City,” featuring the Boston Haiku Society. At our request, Raffael de Gruttola sent the latest Boston Haiku Society News, which we read aloud. We sent our poems to share at their next meeting. Our featured reader was Carole MacRury, reading from her new book, In the Company of Crows.

Michael Dylan Welch, Washington Regional Coordinator

Port Townsend, WA

March 2009 update.

—Christopher Herold

Vashon Island

March 2009 update.

Oregon State Region

March 2009 update. One of an'ya's haiku placed Third in the Winter Moon Haiku Awards. Tom Martin from Beverton, Oregon is a new member of the OhtS (Oregon Haiku and Tanka Society). Norla Antinoro, webmistress OhtS. Note: I am still building the OhtS website and hope to have it up and running soon.

The Oregon Region will host the 1st Quarterly Haiku Society of America Meeting at the University of Oregon in Eugene, March 6-8, 2009. Ce Rosenow is in charge of the program, details of which may be found at the end of the National News section in this newsletter. For information about hotels near the campus, please send an email to Ce at: <rosenow@uoregon.edu>

—Ce Rosenow and an'ya


Yuki Teikei Haiku Society

March 2009 update. Our January 10, 2009, meeting was held at the Markham house. The Poetry Center San Jose and the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society each have their poetry libraries upstairs at this historic home. Winter drought and winter narcissus were two of the ten kigo used for writing. The group then shared our haiku.

Patrick Gallagher is the web master for Yuki Teikei’s web site. http://www.youngleaves.org

Respectfully Submitted, Ann Bendixen, Secretary

Haiku Poets of Northern California

March 2009 update. See updates to the 2008 meetings.

For more information on HPNC and upcoming events, please visit our website: http://www.haiku-poets-northern-california.com/.

—Susan Antolin and Paul O. Williams

Central Valley Haiku Club

Central Valley Haiku Club website: http://www.valleyhaiku.org/

March 2009 update.

—Respectfully submitted, Leslie Rose

Southern California Haiku Study Group (SCHSG)

For more information on HPNC and upcoming events, please visit our website: http://www.socalhaiku.org or http://socalhaiku.blogspot.com/

March 2009 update. On Sunday, January 4, 2009, The Southern California Haiku Study Group celebrated a post-holiday party-meeting-potluck at Wendy and Tom Wright’s home in Naples by the water. The twenty members brought New Year’s haiga to share and exchange. Some were in the form of postcards that could be mailed, and some were small drawings or photos.

Along with the camaraderie and food and drinks, needless to say we were all in great spirits. It was our best fiesta-time for the year even though the temperature was cold, sometimes dipping into the 30s at night. Thanks to the Wrights.

We are also looking forward to the haiku critique workshop/winter ginko walk to be held at the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, California State University, Long Beach. It will be held Sunday, February 1, 2009. This is always a special day and all are welcome to attend.

Here are some of the haiku from the haiga party at Wendy and Tom’s.

New Year’s Eve
my daughter’s cat meows
in her empty room

Peggy Castro

but for the gold leaf
I wouldn’t perceive
the koi New Year’s reflection

Susan Rogers

first light
our eyes still closed
to the New Year

Deborah Kolodji

an amaryllis
from my garden
reaches out

Margaret Hehman-Smith

a new year
through dense fog
the scent of pine


Ah, serenity
a summer’s day by the lakeshore
Shit! A lawnmower

G. Murray Thomas

—Respectfully submitted by Peggy Hehman-Smith


March 2009 update. Mark Arvid White has assumed the helm as HSA Regional Coordinator for Alaska. He is happy to be back with haiku and his many haiku friends after a years’ long absence, and is looking forward to working with his fellow Alaska members and others to share the haiku experience in the 49th state and beyond. 

—Mark Arvid White

Hawaii Pacific Region

March 2009 update.

—Until later, friends ~Susan Marie La Vallee

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