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Alaska Region
Archive 2011


small map

Alaska Region Archive 2011

The state of Alaska is a natural inspiration for haiku because of its vast and varied natural resources. The state currently has just a few members, and great distances have kept them from holding meetings together, but they are active on their Web site. If you would like to join the Alaska Haiku Society and participate in its activities, or if you want more information about haiku in the region, please contact Mark Arvid White, Alaska regional coordinator.

Regional Links

Alaska Haiku Society

Join the HSA


Regional Coordinator

Mark Arvid White

Mark Arvid White
PO Box 1771
Palmer, AK 99645


Mark Arvid White began his adventures with haiku after reading a haiku about a cat sitting in a sunbeam in the pages of the Disney Channel Magazine sometime in 1986. Since then he has had haiku, other poetry, stories, articles, and reviews published in such places as Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Permafrost, Alienskin, Wild Violet, Candelabrum, and many others in the United States and abroad. He is the creator and leopard-in-charge of the Shin Tao Haiku Retreat in the online virtual community of Second Life, and continues to explore, to reveal, and be enlivened by the many worlds around him from his home in Alaska.

cold grey beach—
the oil-soaked cormorant
preens and preens

parade stalled . . .
tying an errant shoelace
the Chinese dragon

inch by inch
into the snake’s mouth
the mouse’s tail

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