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Southeast Region


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Southeast Region Coordinators

2011 Regional Coordinator

Peter Meister

Peter Meister
959 Old Gurley Pike
New Hope, AL 35760


Peter Meister was born in Ohio and raised in Indiana, where he began writing poems in the mid-sixties. He has been publishing poems in such places as the Kansas Quarterly, South by Southeast, and Friends Journal since the late seventies. In his youth, he protested against the Viet Nam War; this slowed his progress through the College of Wooster, but he did eventually return for his undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania and went on to complete his PhD in German at the University of Virginia. He teaches German at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and has several volumes of literary criticism in print (for example, German Literature between Faiths: Jew and Christian at Odds and in Harmony). For Peter, literature and religion exist along a continuum; he particularly likes haiku that seem or are grounded in Zen.

new load of soil—
trying to follow
my wheelbarrow track

this foreign churchyard:
   water going through water,
      as the bucket fills

our houses . . . our hills . . .
   what is the snow’s name for snow?
      for rivers? for spring?



Southeast Region Archives

2010-2011 Archive


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