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HSA Regions

Oregon Region

Oregon has been an independent HSA region since 2008, but has a prominent haiku history that stretches back many decades. It began with one of the earliest English-language haiku organizations, the Western World Haiku Society, founded by Lorraine Ellis Harr in 1972. She also published the haiku journal Dragonfly from 1972 to 1984.

For the last thirty years, several local haiku writing groups have operated at various times around the state, and during the last two decades, we have organized numerous haiku meetings and events, including the Basho Bash, Haiku Summit, Haiku North America (1997), regional HSA meetings, and several national quarterly HSA meetings. When paired with Washington State as part of the Haiku Northwest group (before becoming its own HSA region), Oregon also contributed frequently to Northwest regional haiku anthologies.

Please contact the current Oregon regional coordinator for more information.

Regional Links

Margaret Chula & Katsura Press

Ant Ant Ant Ant Ant

Mountains and Rivers Press


Lorraine Ellis Harr

Oregon Poetry Association, (OPA)


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Regional Member News & Events 2017

Summer Events

Oregon Haiku Society of America Annual Meeting

Sylvia Beach Hotel & Newport Visual Arts Center
777 NW Beach Dr,
Newport, OR

July 7th (optional) & July 8th, 2017
RSVP – sbakergard@msn.com

Schedule of Events

Friday, July 7th
(Optional as some people may want to drive over on Saturday Morning)

3 pm - Check in at the Sylvia Beach Hotel http://www.sylviabeachhotel.com – Rooms are $120-$230, but a few can be shared with 2-4 people and it includes breakfast. Make reservations right away as it is a popular place.

7 pm - Dinner gathering – introductions & game – 2 truths & 1 falsehood concerning haiku – Sylvia Beach Hotel Dining room – Cost $28 +tip for a full course dinner – Wine & beer also served for an additional cost (note you need to make reservations as soon as you arrive or when you book your room).

Saturday , July 8th

8:30 am – 9:45 am Breakfast at Sylvia Beach Dining room – free with lodging

10:00 - Meeting At Newport Visual Arts Center which is across the street from the Hotel Cost is $6-$7 per person to pay for the break refreshments & lunch

10:00 –10:15 Introductions – name, where you are from and how long you have been writing Haiku.

10:15 – 11:00 –A Ginko walk on the beach below the Center (be back at 10:40 to share any haiku).

11:00-12:00 –Haiku workshop led by Barbara Snow

12:00-12:45 pm – Lunch at the Conference center – Pizza & salad from a restaurant close by. Business announcements

12:45-1:15 pm – Special poetry readings

1:15 – 2:30 pm – Raw Emotions haiku and tanka mini-workshop led by Jacob Salzer

2:30 – Break

2:45 – 3:45 PM Book Discussion – Bring your favorite haiku/haibun/tanka book and read one or two items from it – tell us why it is a favorite.

3:45 – 4:15 pm; Door Prize; Book Sale Table – bring  books for selling or buying

4:15 – End of meeting (clean-up)

Winter & Spring events

Portland Haiku Group and HSA members met on March 17th for their monthly meeting. The haiku most appreciated during the kukai session were composed by: Clayton Beach 1st place; and Johnny Baranski and Diana Saltoon-Briggs who tied for 2nd place. After a short break, Ellen Ankenbrock led a discussion on the meaning of Wabi and Sabi in the Japanese culture and poetry. To illustrate their meaning, she brought an old loved quilt that was soft and faded "sabi" and a handmade tea whisk —very utilitarian, but beautifully crafted from a single piece of bamboo— "wabi". We had an interesting discussion trying to figure out these two terms and how to apply them in our haiku. For better understanding, Ellen suggested reading the article:

In Praise of Shadows PDF available here. Recommended reading for the month from the PHG librarian, Clayton Beach: Literary and Art Theories in Japan by Makado Ueda.

Our group also met on 3/23 for a planning discussion on the Portland Haiku Group's Haiku and Tanka Anthology (which will include many HSA members' poetry). The deadline for submissions to our editor Jacob Salzer will be 1/1 /2018, which should provide plenty of time for revisions and layout. The theme of the anthology will be "New Bridges". We will be using Lulu press for publishing. Contact Shelley Baker-Gard: sbakergard@msn.com or Jacob Salzer: jsalzer25@gmail.com for more information.

The next meeting will be April 14th at the Friendly House on 26th & Thurman in NW Portland 7 Pm - 9 PM and it is open to anyone local to the area and interested in haiku ( out of town guests are also very welcome to visit). Carolyn Winkler will host April's meeting.

Carolyn's plan: "The theme of this meeting will be the shadow and how as Robert Bly says "American haiku poets don't grasp that the shadow has to have risen up and invaded the haiku poem, otherwise it is not a haiku. The least important thing about it is its seventeen syllables or the nature scene." He is talking about the senses and how they subconsciously connect us to the poem. How they bring something that was unconscious to consciousness. So we will be exploring the senses and the shadow and how they are part of haiku." Please submit your haiku to carolyn for the kukai at the first part of the meeting. For the second part, please write another haiku using the senses for one of the elements. Carolyn will lead a workshop on them and explore Robert Bly's meaning.

HSA members visiting the Eugene/Springfield area are welcome to attend the meetings of the Willamette Group of Haiku Poets. They have been meeting once a month on the 3rd Friday of the month from 2 to 4 pm in the meeting room of Springfield Public Library. Contact Barbara Snow for more information.

Shelley is also planning the Oregon 2017 HSA members conference celebrating HSA's 50th year anniversary! It probably will be in Newport again due to the midpoint location and reasonable costs. Please, let me know if you would like to be a speaker or have ideas for it. Date TBD as we have to work around the eclipse time.

Announcements and Events:

Maggie Chula was invited by Lawrence Kominz, Professor of Japanese Literature and Theatre at Portland State University, to give a lecture on haikai and linked verse.

She also taught a half-day haiku workshop in January at the Pond House in Milwaukie Oregon to an enthusiastic group of fourteen poets. Accustomed to writing free verse, they were impressed by the power of images and innuendo in such a short poetic form.

On May 7th, Maggie will give a program at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River. Joined by quilt artist Cathy Erickson, they will show slides of the quilts and read poems as well as discuss the inspirations and process behind their work published in What Remains: Japanese Americans in Internment Camps. Maggie will read her haibun "Boxes" as well as "Afterimage," a haiku series about a Hood River fruit farmer.

Maggie also wanted to report that Edith Shiffert, poet and translator, passed away on March 1, 2017 at the age of 101. She lived her last fifty years in Kyoto. A tribute to her life and work is forthcoming.

A rengay, On The Dewy Path, by Michael Dylan Welch, Shelley Baker-Gard, Deborah P Kolodji, Kath Abela Wilson, Jacquie Pearce, and Angela J. Naccarato, written at the Haiku Society of America national meeting on 14 August 2016 at the Portland Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon will be published in the journal Kokako in edition no. 26 , 2017.

Big Congratulations go to Portland Haiku Group and HSA member Johnny Baranski who has been offered publication of his haiku manuscript Fireweed from Folded Word Press of New Hampshire. The collection will appear in Folded Word's chapbook series. Publication date still to be determined.

submitted by Shelley Baker-Gard

Regional Member News & Events 2016


HSA members in Oregon continued to meet with each other and the Portland Haiku group. At the Portland meeting Johnny Baranski gave a super presentation on publishing haiku, tanka, and haibun based on his and others experience. He documented several online and paper publishing organizations. He is willing to share the document, so contact him if you are interested in receiving it.


At the Portland October meeting, Clayton Beach gave a very interesting lecture on the history of Japanese poetry "From Miyabi to Wabisabi - Literary Aesthetics from Ancient Japanese Song to the Emergence of Haiku". His information provided a great introduction to the evolution of haiku from it's remote ancestor the Uta which is the word for both song and poetry in Japan. These folk songs where "...celebrations of nature, the nation of Japan, and the mythologized ancestors of the Imperial court..." If you want to have a copy of the paper he wrote, please let Shelley know and she will forward your request to him. (sbakergard@msn.com).

Also in October, several Oregon HSA members attended the Haiku Northwest Seabeck conference where we had a jam packed great time listening to lectures, participating in the "write now" exercises, workshops and activities. Highlights were: Margaret Chula led a Haibun workshop (and showed her talent with this genre in the talent show), and Johnny Baranski led a "write now" exercise. With the help of Carolyn Winkler, and Shelley Baker-Gard, Ellen Ankenbrock demonstrated an "outdoor" Tea Ceremony to two guests and all the conference attendees were provided a taste of green matcha tea and sweet typically provided to guests in a Tea Ceremony. Jim Rodriguez provided eerie flute accompaniment to the ghost who passed out death haiku at the cemetery. Afterward the ghost encounter, Carolyn led a masked dance with the attendees- Lots of fun!


The HSA/Portland Haiku group will meet at Shelley's house and Jacob Salzer will discuss the tanka form and we will practice writing them. If would like to come to this meeting, please let Shelley know (sbakergard@msn.com). It will be held at 7 pm on November 9th (meetings are the 2nd Friday of every month).

Oregon Members also meet in other cities besides Portland! HSA members visiting the Eugene/Springfield area are welcome to attend the meetings of the Willamette Group of Haiku Poets. They have been meeting once a month on the 3rd Friday of the month from 2 to 4 pm in the meeting room of Springfield Public Library. In the past year some topics tackled were: deconstructing poetry, answering (responding to) haiku, review of print and online journals, tips on making submissions, sharing methods of haiku record-keeping, synesthesia, revising haiku, and they also had an'ya work with us on tanka. All that in addition to a round of critiquing at each meeting. They keep pretty busy.

And Great News!! it was announced at the Seabeck Conference that Oregon Poet Shirley Plummer WON the first place award for the 2016 Porad contest !!! (Charles Trumbull judged and it is sponsored by Haiku Northwest)!! Congratulations Shirley!

submitted by Shelley Baker-Gard

August 2016

The Oregon HSA members are planning the Summer HSA regional conference to be held in Portland, Oregon on Friday evening Aug. 12, all day Saturday Aug. 13, and Sunday morning Aug. 14. We will be featuring anthology readings, workshops by Michael Dylan Welch and Margaret Chula, a special performance by Jim Rodriguez and Michele Schafer, a haibun reading by Johnny Baranski, and a tour of the newly expanded Japanese Garden (also an optional Friday morning Bike tour). In Addition we will have lots of fun!

View PDF documents of the Portland Conference Schedule & Portland Hotel Options

It is not too late to register for the upcoming Regional HSA conference in Portland to be held 8-12 thru 8-14 (for those who can only attend one day- most activities and workshops are on Sat. 8/13). Registration deadline has been extended to 7/15. If you are interested, please contact Shelley Baker-Gard at sbakergard@msn.com for information, or see the HSA state of Oregon link from the HSA website for the complete schedule. http://www.hsa-haiku.org/regions/Oregon.htm

Other News

Three HSA members from Portland (Shelley Baker-Gard, Carolyn Winkler ) and Vancouver, WA (Johnny Baranski) attended the Vancouver BC haiku group meeting on 6/26. We were given royal treatment and had many laughs. We took a tour of their beautiful Chinese Garden followed by a dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. While we were in the garden, a heron landed on one of the tiled roof tops and watched us watch him preen for over a half hour. Vancouver BC has the largest Great Blue Heron rookery in the world. The herons seem particularly unafraid of humans, which reflects on the friendliness and hospitality of the city's citizens. --Johnny

The kukai for the Vancouver BC group, led by Angela Naccarato, had a theme of erotic haiku, which turned out to be a big hit as it was the most attended meeting they had ever had (hint to state coordinators and other leaders of haiku groups). Before the reading of the submitted haiku, two of the members provided a historical and contemporary presentation on erotic haiku. Jacquie Pearce provided a handout on reference books including one entitled Erotic Haiku edited and translated by Hiroaki Sato. It was a great weekend and several Vancouver BC members will be attending the Portland HSA conference.


Regional Coordinator

Shelley Baker-Gard
1647 SE Sherrett St
Portland, OR 97202


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