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Index of Frogpond, the Journal of the Haiku Society of America Volumes 1–25 (1978–2002)

by Charles Trumbull

Frogpond—initially titled HSA Frogpond—was first published in February 1978, during the tenth year of the existence of the Haiku Society of America. In its first 25 years of existence Frogpond published 89 issues under 8 editors.

download the Index of Frogpond 1-25 (PDF - 1.95mb)

This Index catalogs the content of these 89 issues. In order to facilitate accessibility, the work is divided into several subindexes.

The first and longest part is the Name Index of Authors, Translators, and Reviewers who have appeared in Frogpond. This includes the creators of just over 17,000 haiku and senryu (original works, translations into English, and verses cited in articles and reviews); sequences and linked-verse forms; and prose pieces such as essays, readings, and reviews. Please note that haiku included in longer pieces such as reviews or articles are often indexed to the first page of that article, so some looking around may be required.

Second is an account of the larger forms: Title Index of Sequences, Linked Verse, and Haibun, which includes all participating authors. A locator for reports about Awards and Contest Results follows; the names of the contest judges are included as well.

The next section is Books Indexed and Noted—by author and title—works that have received attention in Frogpond. Included here are the book notes (“Books Received,” etc.) as well as full-fledged reviews, making this section a useful bibliographic reference. Finally, a section is included on HSA business, including Society bylaws, membership, finances, and Frogpond editorial matters.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Notes
Name Index of Authors, Translators, and Reviewers
Title Index of Sequences, Linked Verse, and Haibun
Awards and Contest Results
Museum of Haiku Literature Awards
Merit Book Awards
HSA / N.Y.C. Board of Education New York City High School Contest
Nicholas A. Virgilio Memorial Haiku Competition for High School Students
Harold G. Henderson Memorial Haiku Awards
Gerald M. Brady Memorial Senryu Awards
Bernard Lionel Einbond Renku Contest
Books Reviewed and Noted
HSA and Frogpond Business
Financial Reports
Donations to HSA
Frogpond Editors’ Statements and Letters
Letters to the Editor
HSA Presidents’ Statements and Letters
Membership Update
HSA Members’ Haiku Departments.