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Haiku Poet Interview: Mary McCormack

by Jacob D. Salzer

Haiku Poet Interview: Mary McCormack
(complete PDF version)

Here is a sample excerpt from the opening page of this essay:

Country of Residence: USA

Website: https://www.marymwriter.com/

Current Occupation: Writer, Writing Teacher, Trader Joe’s

Book Publications:

Tastes of Sunlight: Haiku for the Seasons All the Words Kept Inside


Touching His Scar

Interests and Hobbies: writing, reading, teaching, walks in the woods, west coast swing dancing and dancing in general, photography, delicious food, music, theater, languages, the ocean, and travel.

When and how were you introduced to haiku and Japanese-related poetry?

I was initially introduced to haiku in grade school and came to it again in my late twenties via two books that I found at a garage sale: The Essential Haiku: Versions of Basho, Buson, and Issa by Robert Hass and An Introduction to Haiku by Harold G. Henderson.

What do you enjoy the most about haiku?

I love the way a haiku can say so much in so few words. I enjoy the way a haiku can let readers in, have an emotional impact, and create a story for readers to enter. I like that haiku don’t have titles and let the content of the poem do the work. .

[feature continues for several more pages] . . .

Salzer, Jacob D. "Haiku Poet Interview: Mary McCormack." Frogpond 47.2, Spring-Summer, 2024, 48-66..

This excerpt inclues the first page of the feature: page 48. The complete feature includes pages 48-66. To read the complete feature, click on the link to the PDF version:

Haiku Poet Interview: Mary McCormack
(complete PDF version)