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Summer Wages

Memories of a Summer Job on a Cattle Ranch
at Valmora, New Mexico

Charles Trumbull, Santa Fe, NM

bright July morning
a dust cloud follows me
over the cattle guard

up with the rooster
the boss has me
shovel out the barn

moving the tarps
down the irrigation ditch
alfalfa in bloom

leafy cottonwoods
I find a shady spot
to read The Good Earth

blades flying free—
we pull the windmill rods
from deep in the rock

mattock in hand
alone on this rocky road
distant virga

learning to ride . . .
a prickly pear cactus
really is

amble, trot, canter, gallop
each pace hurting my butt
in a different place

the lariat harsh
on this college boy’s hands
season of drought

rising breeze
I learn to roll my own,
in the saddle

riding fences
. . .
the cosmic hum

ratcheting barbed wire
now and then
the rasp of a locust

my cutting horse
                 jumps to the right
I don’t

Mexican yearlings
for fun the ranch hands
practice heading and heeling

August midday sun
the sizzle
of the branding iron

clenching my teeth
I hold the bull calf down
as he’s made a steer

their obscene hiss
in the cast-iron skillet:
mountain oysters

squirming at both ends—
the garter snake
wired to a hay bale

getting pretty drunk—
I’m glad the Indian’s with me
in this cow-town bar

ranch house game of Hearts
I try again
to shoot the moon

cool wind coming down
off the Sangre de Cristos
summer wages