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HSA Member News & Announcements - 2008

As a service to the Haiku Society of America members, we are glad to post announcement and news related to haiku publications and haiku-related events. You must be a member of HSA to submit items, and limit your announcement to no more than 100 words. These announcements and publications are not endorsed by the HSA.

Please submit your announcements by email to the Electronic Media Officer, Randy Brooks at <rbrooks@millikin.edu>.


2008 Member News & Announcements

12-27-08 mankh <mankh9@pafcu.net>

Mankh (Walter E. Harris III) has edited and published 2009 Haiku and Brush Calligraphy calendar. For more information, see his website for details:


12-12-08 Stanford M. Forrester <bottlerockets_99@yahoo.com>

Call for submissions: bottle rockets press will be publishing a haiku anthology of flowers due out sometime in 2010. The book will be a perfect-bound glossy covered book with an ISBN. (The third anthology in the series.) Submission can cover any aspects of flowers. Any type of flower is welcome. Contact Stanford Forrester or the web site for details:


Stanford M. Forrester, Editor
bottle rockets press
PO Box 189
Windsor, CT 06095

11-12-08 Marie Summers <marie@shadowpoetry.com>

See details about entering the annual haiku contest held and conducted by Shadow Poetry at: <http://www.shadowpoetry.com/contests/whitelotushaikucompetition.html>

10-11-08 Curtis Dunlap <hcdunlap@gmail.com>

Dear Friends,

I have some very sad news this week. Bill Higginson died today. More information and a message from Penny can be read here:


I...feel like I've lost a friend and teacher.


10-4-08 Curtis Dunlap <hcdunlap@gmail.com>

Moore Receives Raleigh Medal of Arts Award From the Raleigh Arts Commission. The 24th Annual Raleigh Medal of Arts Ceremony is proud to honor award recipients including Lenard D. Moore (poet and President of the Haiku Society of America. Congratulations, Lenard!

7-31-08 "Dave Russo" <drusso1@mindspring.com>

HNA 2007 conference highlights DVD

Tazuo Yamaguchi of Poem Studios assembled about 2 hours of the most watchable minutes from Haiku North America 2007, including readings from the Baseball Haiku anthology; the Snapshot Press readings; the regional readings; and the head-to-head haiku competition. In August, I will mail this DVD to all presenters and to all who paid for the conference package that included the DVD. After the initial mailing to those folks, I will provide copies of the DVD for the cost of shipping and handling: $4.00 to a U.S. address and $6.00 elsewhere.

7-31-08 "Dave Russo" <drusso1@mindspring.com>

Haiku: The Art of the Short Poem

Tazuo Yamaguchi of Poem Studios and Randy Brooks of Brooks Books have joined forces to create Haiku: The Art of the Short Poem, a DVD and book combination. Haiku: The Art of the Short Poem is probably the first feature-length film about haiku in English. The book is a companion volume, an anthology of poems that appear in the film.

The film is based on a series of interviews that Tazuo conducted with haiku poets at HNA 2007. The poets come from various backgrounds and have different personalities and aesthetics. Tazuo selects and blends these interviews to reveal a diverse set of ideas and passions about haiku. Several poets describe their first encounter with haiku by the Japanese masters—how something in these poems flashed across oceans and centuries and touched them in a profound way. Other poets describe the need, in the words of Sonia Sanchez, “Not just to learn the form, but to transform the form.” Another layer is Tazuo’s own perspective, that of a Japanese-American whose family photos often show haiku on scrolls in the background; a performance poet who has won titles in national head-to-head haiku competitions; a videographer who has spent a good part of the last decade capturing poetry on film.

Perhaps because of the diverse views at the conference, a spirit of generosity, exploration, and humor pervades the film. The best thing about the film might be that it enables us to experience some of the “currents and cross-currents” of haiku in English, as these existed for a few days in Winston-Salem in August of 2007. The retail price for the DVD/book combination is $28.00. The Brooks Books

Web page for Haiku: The Art of the Short Poem

You can see the movie Trailer for Haiku: The Art of the Short Poem: http://www.youtube.com/poemstudios

7-31-08 "Dave Russo" <drusso1@mindspring.com>

Winston-Salem Haiku Anthology: Call for Submissions

To commemorate the spirit and accomplishments of 100 Bridges: HNA 2007, Bob Moyer and Dave Russo are soliciting haiku written in Winston-Salem and/or about Winston Salem, which, of course, do not require mention of Winston Salem. Selections will be edited by Bob and Dave into a small book, whose size will be determined by the quality and number of haiku submitted. Contributors will receive a discount on book copies. Please email a maximum of 5 haiku or senryu to Dave Russo: drusso1@mindspring.com. Deadline: September 1, 2008.

7-31-08 "Dave Russo" <drusso1@mindspring.com>

Willow Songs: Haiku Acappella

Fleur-de-Lisa, an acappella group based in Durham, North Carolina, recently recorded Willow Songs, a CD of songs based on haiku from Beneath the Willow Tree, an anthology of haiku by members of the North Carolina Haiku Society. Fleur-de-Lisa is one of the first acappella groups to put together a series of songs based on haiku in English. By turns simple, playful, and beautiful, the acappella form is a perfect complement to haiku. The Willow Songs CD is $12.00. Contact: haikusongs@gmail.com. See also this entry from the North Carolina Haiku Society blog:


Haiku North America 2009: Crosscurrents

The next HNA conference will be held on August 5-9, 2009, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The local organizers are Terry Ann Carter, Claudia Coutu Radmore, and Guy Simser. If you are interested in making a presentation or leading a workshop at the next HNA conference, in Canada’s capital, please see the HNA 2009 section of the HNA Web site for details:


07/07/08 Liam Wilkinson<threelightsgallery@yahoo.co.uk>

This summer, 3LIGHTS Gallery is delighted to present two solo exhibitions from two of the finest exponents of haiku and tanka: M. Kei and Roberta Beary. http://www.threelightsgallery.com

M. Kei : Love Letters : Homoerotic Tanka of Love & Friendship
3LIGHTS Gallery, July 1st - September 31st 2008

One of tanka's most distinctive and passionate of voices makes his return to 3LIGHTS this Summer with an exhibition of homoerotic tanka of love and friendship. Although many would associate M. Kei's poetry with images of the ocean, the coast and his native Chesapeake Bay, this latest exhibition from the editor of such publications as Atlas Poetica, Fire Pearls and author of Heron Sea and Slow Motion, homes in on tanka of a more personal nature. We are proud to present this exhibition and delighted to welcome back a good friend of the Gallery.

Roberta Beary : the words i meant to say
3LIGHTS Gallery, July 1st - September 31st 2008

Her recent collection, The Unworn Necklace has earned Roberta Beary a place in haiku history, as it was short-listed for the Poetry Society of America’s William Carlos Williams Prize – an astounding recognition for a collection of haiku. And the honour was wholly justified. Roberta Beary writes exquisite haiku that resonates with anyone who encounters it. We’re extremely fortunate to welcome Roberta to 3LIGHTS this summer for an exhibition of her stunning work.

07-05-08 from "Pamela A. Babusci" <moongate44@gmail.com>


Eligibility: Open to everyone MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD TO ENTER. Subject matter: Erotic, sensual/physical tanka. Tanka that expresses love in all its manifestations. Please NO pornography! Entry Fee: $1 per tanka No limit on number of tanka submitted.
Checks, money orders, made payable to Pamela A. Babusci, or cash. Foreign entries CASH ONLY, U.S. MONIES. Rules: Submit tanka on 3x5 index cards. One card with just the tanka on it and the second card with your tanka and your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address on the front upper left of the card. Entries MUST be typewritten or printed legibly. Entries that cannot be read be will destroyed. Enclose an SASE, with sufficient postage (or 2 IRCs for international entries) if you desire contest results. ONLY unpublished tanka will be accepted. NO tanka that is being considered for publication or entered into tanka contests elsewhere. NO tanka that has been published on-line or in on-line tanka workshops should be entered. TANKA IN ENGLISH ONLY. Judge: Pamela A. Babusci, international award-winning tanka poet. Note: The contest will be judged blindly. Karen Shiffler will receive all entries and send ONLY the blind entries to the judge. Send entries to: First International Erotic Tanka Contest, Karen Shiffler, 1464 Lake Road Webster, NY 14580 USA. Questions: E-mail moongate44@gmail.com; subject line: Questions: Erotic Tanka Contest.

07-03-08 from Charles Trumbull

The Cradle of American Haiku Festival 2008

Teaching Haiku in Schools and the Community & Homage to Raymond Roseliep
Mineral Point, Wisconsin — August 22–24, 2008
The first of what we hope will become an annual haiku festival is planned for the weekend of August 22–24, 2008, in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. The Festival will celebrate the seminal role of Midwesterners—including James and Gayle Bull, publishers of American Haiku, the first non-Japanese haiku journal; Fr. Raymond Roseliep, whose work brought about a whole school of American haiku writing; and Robert Spiess, longtime editor of Modern Haiku—in establishing American haiku.
Featured events include:

Friday evening: Opening reception hosted by Modern Haiku
Saturday morning: Workshop: Teaching Haiku in Schools and the Community
Saturday afternoon:  Homage to Raymond Roseliep—presentations & round-table discussion
Sunday morning: Ginkô (haiku walk)

Other presentations about haiku are planned as well, and there will be ample opportunity for participants to read/share their haiku. Social events will take place at Gayle Bull’s Foundry Bookstore, while the Mineral Point Opera House (sounds grand, hey?!) has been reserved for the main sessions. Participation fees will be kept to an absolute minimum—just enough to cover facilities rental and other basic costs. A wide range of food and lodging options are available in Mineral Point; a list will be made available later.
Mineral Point is historic city midway between Madison, Wis., and Dubuque, Iowa, and easily accessible in less than an hour by car from either. The region is itself a tourist destination, and Festival attendees should consider spend-ing a few extra days in the area to see sights such as Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright estate at Spring Green, Wis., the world-class American Players Theatre in Spring Green, which performs Shakespeare in a natural amphi-theater, the unbelievable House on the Rock, the Swiss village of New Glarus, Wis., the historical town of Galena, Ill., and Indian archaeological sites on Iowa’s Mississippi bluffs—to name just a few.
 A program is being developed by Gayle Bull, Jerome Cushman, and Charles Trumbull. For more information, see the festival Web page  <http://www.modernhaiku.org/cradle/> or  contact Charlie at trumbullc@comcast.net  or by mail at c/o Modern Haiku, PO Box 7046, Evanston, IL, 60204-7046.

Writing from Within, Haiku and the Spiritual Path, #2

Anam Cara Writers & Artists’ Retreat, Beara, West Cork, Ireland, July 12-19, 2008
Workshop Leaders: Maeve O'Sullivan and Kim Richardson

Further information: anamcararetreat@eircom.net    
http:// www.anamcararetreat.com

This workshop is designed to help you develop paths to your inner inspiration - the path within. Toward this goal, we work with the ancient medium of haiku poetry and its related forms, with their roots in Zen and its emphasis on mindfulness. Combining the haiku work with meditation, breath and light practices, the outstanding natural beauty of the Béara Peninsula and the peace and quiet of Anam Cara, our aim is to heighten levels of awareness and to open creative channels. Maeve O’Sullivan and Kim Richardson are both experienced workshop facilitators, and co-authors of the 2005 haiku collection Double Rainbow (Alba Publishing: www.albapublishing.com).
Also see the Simply Haiku Winter 2007 issue for the renku written by the Writing from Within #1 workshop participants, “The Labyrinth’s Core”:

Haiku Blossoms - Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay, Maine
Saturday, July 26, 2008, 1-5pm   

 Join the Bangor Haiku Group and fellow haiku poets for an afternoon summer event. Visit the largest botanical gardens in New England in full bloom and share haiku.  Featured readers are Anne LB Davidson and Bruce Ross. View the meditation and rhododendron gardens and walk the Shoreline Trail. View the kinetic sculptures of George Sherwood. We have reserved the gazebo in the relatively quiet area near the Shoreline Trail, a half mile from the Visitors Center.
Our schedule is:

1-2pm introductions and Anne LB Davidson/Bruce Ross reading at the gazebo
2-4pm walk where you wish or simply remain at the gazebo
4-5pm share your inspirations at the gazebo
5pm . . . dinner at nearby China by the Sea, Boothbay Harbor info@chinabythesea.com

Come early and have your lunch in the picnic area or at the café. The admission is $10 at the entrance where you will be given directions to the gazebo. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is about an hour northeast of Portland, Maine and about three hours from Boston. For further information contact Bruce Ross at dr_bruce_ross@hotmail.com. See you there!

International Haiku Conference and World Festival 2008
Plattsburgh, New York,  July 29-August 2, 2008

Sponsored by the State University of New York at Plattsburgh and the Lake Champlain-Adirondack Haiku Society. In Plattsburgh, New York, with side trips to Burlington, Vermont and Quebec, Canada. Inexpensive campus lodging will be available to all conference participants. For further information, see the Lake Champlain-Adirondack Haiku Society report in Regional News, in the Spring 2008 HSA Newsletter, Vol. XXIII, No. 2,  and/or the conference website: http://www.plattsburghcas.com Under “Conference and Event Services.”

DailyHaiku - Call for Submission

DailyHaiku is a print and online serial publication that exists to promote and preserve the gentle written art of haiku. DailyHaiku publishes the work of Canadian and international haiku poets, blending contemporary, experimental, and traditional styles to explore the boundaries of English-language haiku. Through our special features section, we also aim to chronicle the diverse and ever-changing landscape of contemporary haiku-related forms. We're now looking for a new roster of six talented haiku poets for our upcoming cycle (Volume 3, Cycle 6, Fall to Winter 2008/2009). If selected as a contributor, you will be responsible for providing a total of 28 haiku over a six-month period.

Submission Period: September 1st--30th, 2008 (closes 11:59 pm Mountain Standard Time)

How to Submit: Email submissions to desk@dailyhaiku.org

What to Submit: Seven unpublished haiku---no more, no less---your contact information, and a 75 word biographical note.  We do not accept work published or under consideration by other journals or websites. 

Payment: One contributor copy of the print volume featuring your work.

Notes:  Edited by Patrick M. Pilarski and Nicole Pakan, DailyHaiku features the work of six authors presented over a six month time frame. Each week, the work of a different author from the current contributor team is featured on the website. The contributor team at DailyHaiku changes twice per year---once in April and once in October. We also publish a series of special features, and all contributed work will be considered for inclusion in our annual print journal. Published once a year in the early fall, the print journal features the work of the previous two contributor teams. One exemplary week of contributed haiku each year will also be awarded the DailyHaiku Editors' Choice Award and featured prominently in the print edition.  Previous contributors: to keep the journal dynamic, we ask that you wait at least one or two cycles before re-submitting to DailyHaiku.

For specific submission guidelines and more information about this publication, please visit: http://www.dailyhaiku.org

Two Dragonflies Call for Submissions
Submissions are now being accepted for Two Dragonflies, a website dedicated to haiku for and by children. Submit up to five poems for consideration using the online submission form at: http://twodragonflies.com/online_form.html

All forms of haiku are acceptable as long as they are suitable for children; however, shorter forms are preferred. Email notification will be sent to poets whose poems have been selected to appear on the website. Children under 18 years of age must have parent's permission to submit haiku.

Two Dragonflies is intended to be used as a teaching tool for teachers, parents and students; therefore, articles, activities and lesson plans are welcome for consideration. For more information, please visit http://twodragonflies.com/

Recovery Anthology
Call for submissions for a proposed Recovery Anthology:
Please send  poems related to any phase of recovery, from compulsive behavior such as alcohol/drugs, sex, gambling, caffeine, sugar, shopping, etc.  No remuneration. Please include SASE to: 

Robert Epstein, 1343 
Navellier St.
El Cerrito, CA 94530.

Or send e-mail to: taylorepstein@earthlink.net.

Haiku North America 2009: Crosscurrents August 5 – 9, 2009, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Come to Ottawa, Canada, to celebrate and share haiku in the crosscurrents of history, geography, culture and the arts. For five days in August, the National Library of Canada will be home to international speakers, panels, presentations, poetry readings, haiga exhibitions and archival displays. Situated on historic Wellington Avenue in the heart of downtown Ottawa, our conference is steps from the Parliament Buildings, the Supreme Court, the Rideau Canal system (named a UNESCO heritage Site in 2007), and the outdoor beauty and fun of the Byward Farmers’ Market/ entertainment district.
Haiku development is passing through turbulent waters, like estuaries in constant flux due to wind, coastline drag, and the varied layers of salt and cold. Haiku Crosscurrents are increasing. Meanwhile haijin struggle in and out of eddies to steer an even course through competing schools of thought, to solve the puzzle of world kigo, to meld the aging of non-Japanese language haijin’s first wave sailors with the succeeding ranks of multi-lingual iPod haijin, to carefully erode the perpetual shoals of traditional English poets and poetry critics, and to find ways to remain close to nature as countries rush to build city-states.
HNA 2009: Crosscurrents will offer worldwide reflection, smooth the waters to navigate through regional haiku trends, and chart the ways to new poetic possibilities.
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS:  If you are interested in making a presentation or leading a workshop at the next HNA conference, in Canada’s capital, please forward the following information:
            SYNOPSIS: (50 words)
            BIO: (50 words)
Please send this information to all members of the organizing committee:

Terry Ann Carter tacarter@rogers.com
Claudia Coutu Radmore claudiarosemary@yahoo.com
Guy Simser guy.simser@sympatico.ca  

Submissions will be accepted June 15, 2008 – August 15, 2008.
Responses will be sent by Sept. 1, 2008.
Check www.haikunorthamerica.com for updates
By the summer of 2009, all travellers (land and air) will need passports to enter Canada. Begin the work now. Be prepared to be caught  in the currents.

Leaving My Found Eden:  A Poetography Exhibit by Ron L. Zheng
June 28 - July 27, 2008, Tuesday - Saturday, 11 am-6 pm

James Gray Gallery, Bergamot Station Art Center, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Bldg. D4
Santa Monica, California 90404  (310 315 9502)

http:// www.poetography.org

For several years, Ron Zheng has been working on an art form that he calls Poetography, merging English-language tanka poetry with black and white photography. This is an exhibit of his Poetography works. With Poetography, the tanka poetry is merged with photographic imagery to create a dynamic tension that infuses new meaning into the words and images. He hopes that this show will promote English-language tanka and haiku to a wider audience. All tanka and haiku lovers are invited to see the exhibit, and to attend the gallery opening reception on June 28, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

07-02-08 from John Thompson

Announcing the 2008 San Francisco International Competition for Haiku, Senryu, Tanka and Rengay sponsored by Haiku Poets of Northern California. Deadline for Haiku, Senryu, and Tanka is in hand, October 31, 2008. Dealine for Rengay is in hand, November 30, 2008. For more details, contact HPNC, c/o John Thompson, 4607 Burlington Place, Santa Rosa, CA 95405. Rengay submissions or questions should be direcgted to HPNC, c/o Fay Aoyagi, 930 Pine St. #105, San Francisco CA 94108. Or see the HPNC web site:


07-01-08 "Johnye Strickland" <jstrickland35@comcast.net>

Dear Haiku Society of America Members:

The Executive Committee has decided to change the publication schedule of the Newsletter to three issues per year, beginning now. These issues will appear in February, June, and October. The deadlines will be as close to the 1st of the month preceding publication (e.g., January 5, May 1, September 1) as feasible for submission of items for a particular issue.

Johnye Strickland, Editor

The Haiku Society of America Newsletter
Volume XXIII, Number 2 (Spring 2008)
June 24, 2008

06-25-08 "Lenard D. Moore"<poet_ldm@bellsouth.net>

Lenard D. Moore, President of HSA, has a new book of poetry recently published. A Temple Looming is available from Amazon.com and was recently featured as the editor's pick in The News & Observe.

05-06-08 "Stanford M. Forrester" <bottlerockets_99@yahoo.com>

Bottle Rockets Press is happy to announce Gatherings: a haiku anthology of amusement parks, carnivals, country fairs, and more. This is a glossy, perfect bound paperback that features 51 poets from around the globe. 75 pages. Please contact Stanford M. Forrester at bottlerockets_99@yahoo.com about discounts on multiple copies. Mail payments to: Stanford M. Forrester, PO Box 189, Windsor, CT 06095, USA. Checks should be made payable to Stanford M. Forrester? in US dollars. USA $14.00 and $4.00 (media mail & bubble wrap envelope) = $18.00. Canada or Mexico $14.00 and $5.00 (air mail & bubble wrap envelope) = $19.00. Europe, Asia, & anywhere else $14.00 and $6.00 (air mail & bubble wrap envelope) = $20.00.

05-01-08 "Stephen Gill" <heelstone@gmail.com>

Stephen Gill announces the publication of a new Hailstone Haiku Circle site ICEBOX located at:


04-15-08 "Tony A. Thompson" <wisteriajournal@gmail.com>

True Vine Press announces that after extensive planning, they've launched a new project dedicated to publishing haiku, senryu, and tanka. The projects will include anthologies and chapbooks. Of course, they will continue to publish Wisteria: A Journal of Haiku, Senryu & Tanka. Please see their website and read the guidelines for their first call for submissions. And please help spread the word, they want this first chapbook to be memorable to the winner and us.


From the Publisher & Editor of Wisteria, Tony A. Thompson

03-23-08 <drusso1@mindspring.com>

Dave Russo sent links to photos from the March HSA Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas, available at:

He also sent a link for news about the Haiku Society of America Meeting in North Carolina this December:

03-12-08 <pastormark@wefollowjesusingustine.org>

Mark Hollingsworth announced the release of a new web site for the Central Valley Haiku Club in California located at: http://www.valleyhaiku.org/

03-08-08 <brooksbooks@sbcglobal.net>

Brooks Books announces the publication of Sky In My Teacup, an online collection of haiku & photographs by Anne LB Davidson. This collection comes from years of craft with the art of haiku and a lifelong interest in photography. With haunting photographs of New York City before 9-11, and beautiful nature scapes, this collection invites you to build your own connections around each haiku and to imaginatively enter the space of each photograph. Avoiding temptations to illustrate haiku with photographs and refusing to reduce the haiku to commentary on the photographs, Anne LB Davidson invites you to find the sky in your teacup.

This online collection available for free viewing at: <http://www.brooksbookshaiku.com/davidson/>

02-05-08 <brockpeoples@riverbedhaiku.com>

Riverbed Haiku Journal will begin publishing quarterly online editions in Spring, 2008. At this time, Riverbed Haiku is also offering a print annual (to be published in December) that will celebrate the best work of that year.

Publication dates and deadlines:
Spring 2008, submit by March 15
Summer 2008, submit by May 15
Fall 2008, submit by August 15
Winter 2008, submit by October 15

Subscription rates are: $30 US bulk, $35 US first class, $40 international. Submissions and subscriptions should be directed to Managing Editor Brock Peoples. More information, our subscription form, and future editions can be found at our website: http://www.riverbedhaiku.com"

02-01-08 <WelchM@aol.com>

The advisory board for the American Haiku Archives (AHA) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Web site at http://www.americanhaikuarchives.org. The archives, founded in 1996, is the largest public archives of haiku and related poetry outside of Japan, and is the official home of the Haiku Society of America archives. Many individual donors have also contributed thousands of books and papers to the collection, which welcomes ongoing contributions from around the world, especially of new publications and personal papers relating to haiku. The new Web site features poems and biographical material about the current honorary curator, H. F. Noyes, and selected past curators. It also presents extensive information about the archives, its location and history, how to use it, how to make donations, and much more. Please visit the site to learn more about the American Haiku Archives and its mission.

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